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Top Topics: September's Domain Industry Report; From to

By James Iles, Oct 18, 2020 at 5:03 PM
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, domain investors are asked to share a one or two-word .COM in the High Roller Club, and someone receives a $100 offer for a domain name with an interesting message attached.

    Elsewhere, Dofo releases its September domain industry report, and why did rebrand to

    The High Roller Club

    If you have a one- or two-word .COM domain name that you want to showcase, now is your chance. In this popular discussion, investors are invited to reveal a domain name that matches that criterion.

    In addition to this, you need to signify whether you value the domain name above or below $100,000. Which domain name can you add to the High Roller Club?

    Topic by: @MapleDots

    An Offer and an Interesting Message

    After acquiring a brandable domain name at DropCatch around a month ago, this investor put the name up for sale for a four-figure fee on the aftermarket. Then this week, the investor received a $100 offer.

    Nothing out of the ordinary so far. However, that low offer was accompanied by a message from someone alleging to be the original owner of the domain name asking for the investor to essentially hand it back to them. What would you do in this situation? Have you ever encountered anything similar yourself?

    Topic by: @Primary Names

    September’s Domain Industry Report

    Dofo, the domain name research company, pulls together a substantial amount of data every month to compile a periodical report of the domain industry. This usually includes data on domain registrations, top keywords, and domain sales statistics.

    This week, Dofo has released the domain industry report for September. The report reveals, among other things, that 4.9 million domain names were registered in September, with 68% of those names being .COM.

    Topic by: @Macit

    Automation in Domaining

    For many investors, domaining can be an arduous task of searching and browsing through thousands of domain names per day in search of those hidden gems that match your buying criteria.

    Here, an investor has asked whether automating certain tasks is something that you do as a domainer, or whether it’s something you’d consider. The investor has also identified several tasks and areas that could benefit from automation. What do you think of automation in domaining?

    Topic by: @Save Breach Rebrands to

    If you were a jewelry brand selling jewelry online, which domain name would you want to launch on? is likely to be your answer. This company originally operated on, but they’ve just made a significant change.

    In an email to its customers, announced that it would be rebranding to, dropping the “Je” from its name. It seems the company is still selling jewelry. What could be behind this rebranding? Did the company receive an offer for the domain that it couldn’t refuse?

    Topic by: @JB Lions

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  6. The Durfer

    The Durfer Top Contributor VIP Gold Account Blue Account

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  7. Michael Ehrhardt

    Michael Ehrhardt Top Contributor VIP Gold Account

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    Forget Parship
    Forget Facebook

    Join Parbook

    a Rebranding opportunity 😂
  8. Save Breach

    Save Breach Established Member

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    Thanks again @James Iles. Great compilation as always and appreciate the shoutout!

  9. WatchDogue

    WatchDogue Top Contributor VIP

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    The Forum had an interesting array of Top Topics this week.

    Always enjoy the TT and appreciate you putting them together!

  10. PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Thanks for another nice and interesting articles.

    The rebranding of to seems one of the most ridiculous rebranding I've ever seen.
  11. Save Breach

    Save Breach Established Member

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    That's what I thought too. But maybe they were bought out by a bigger player in the industry who didn't want to run it under the same name (competitive strategy)? because still redirects to which won't be the case if it got sold.

    Last edited: Oct 19, 2020 at 5:48 AM
  12. PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    You've a point. But even in such case, I would go with a decent domain and not this crap one (
  13. BradWilson

    BradWilson Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    They could always hack it Je.welry . com :)
  14. Top 4L [email protected] VIP Gold Account

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  15. PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    That's right. But with domain hacks, there is a lot of typo traffic going elsewhere as well as confusion to recall and remember.
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