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    I feel domainers do quite a lot of work by hand which could otherwise be automated. Have you ever thought about automating your workflow and making some useful integrations between your tools that can give you bulk data with minimal effort?

    Personally, the areas which I feel can be optimized with automation are:
    • Market research: SEO Keyword research. Automating keyword research. Trend analysis and keyword alert (notification mechanism for popular potential keywords). Keywordtool integration.
    • Marketing: collecting potential leads, send automated emails and cold calls (integrated with IVR software) and automatically sending follow up leads to clients
    • Domain appraisal: Periodic bulk appraisal of domains. Scraping past sales from forums, sources like GoDaddy and NameBio.
    • Storing sales data and inventory data in a database, generating sales analytics
    • Auctions and drop domains data, all in one place. A live feed that collects auctions and closeouts data from every auction platform -- GoDaddy, Namejet, Snapdomains, NameLiquidate, etc.
    • Bulk domain history. Bulk domain ownership history. Automatic extraction of that data corresponding/related to the assets in ownership. Extracting related domains, making an alternative of dotdb (I have already made a custom solution based on more extensive DNS databases I have)
    • A notification integration to notify about domain renewals, ending auctions, etc.
    • A custom dashboard/admin panel to manage everything
    • Missing something? -- comment it?
    I can think of it as a sort of Zapier (which primarily serves to specific niches like marketing) for the domainer.

    I already made some lightweight automation (free and open source) for appraisals and logo generation -- and a bulk valuation online tool, and a paid GD appraisal chrome extension. Planning to make something more powerful for commercial purpose and personal usage. Your feedback is appreciated

    Can you think of something more powerful that can reduce your working hours/the amount of manpower/man hours your work needs?
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    i like using my hands
    that's we got them, instead of fins.

    just imagine

    one day, in the matrix...
    domains will automatically register themselves and automatically send emails to prospective buyers.
    profits from sales will be used to muscle out humans.
    then they will unite with existing bots and take over the internet.

    so, be careful what you digitals ask for.


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    The human touch is quickly becoming irrelevant, down this path.

    The automated approach takes out the excitement and heart, not to mention jobs. Soon, what exactly will be left for us humans..

    Guess everyone wants to lay brick and pour concrete eh?

    Think of it this way, the time "saved" that automation gives you, then what? Will we then find ways to automate that free time as well? It's already happening, before our very eyes, in every aspect of our lives. Even simple joys such as taking a picture and going home to edit it have become automated.

    We are handing over control to software and programs.. programming our minds to become stimulated and rewarded by artificial means, and leaving our bodies lazy and weak.


    That being said; I commend your programming abilities and the access given via GitHub for others to harness and improve upon. I think with some of the areas you mention, a lightweight tool suffices and more than enough, eg. storage and renewals, while other areas would be unreliable and unnecessary for automation.
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    Have list know the trouble maker Registrars;
    Keep mind Regs take a week to transfer away.
    Those Registrars’ will never get my business..

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    I offer a lot of free software and tools on my sites mainly in regards to seo i would have largest free collection.
  6. bruhne

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    I enjoy the hands-on treasure hunt.

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