information Top Topics: Sedo theme auctions success; Outbound sales woes; Afternic vs Dan; Trademarks & UDRP; Where to sell domains faster: Sedo or Afternic?

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Welcome to the Easter Sunday Top Topics review here at NamePros! :)

How popular are Sedo themed auctions? You can lead an outbound sale horse to water; Afternic/GoDaddy versus Dan landers; Domains, trademarks, and UDRP avoidance; Sell domains quickly: Sedo vs. Afternic.

How popular are Sedo theme auctions? Should we see more bidding by now in the .ai auction?
Every couple of months, Sedo rolls out public auctions with a specific theme. The recently completed .ai auction featured domains in the .ai ccTLD but the results disappointed. Join the discussion to share your view of what might have been the issue.

Topic by @domainbidr

You can lead a horse to water…
Reaching out to potential buyers of domains is known as "outbound sales." The process involves identifying the best fit for your domains and pitching it to them. Sometimes, even if everything seems perfect, the buyer won't even respond. Share your experiences and learn from other people's mistakes by joining this thread.

Topic by @tld4me

Afternic/GoDaddy vs DAN Landers
It's the million dollar question: When it comes down to conversion of visits and inquiries into sales, do Afternic/GoDaddy landing pages perform better than those on Share the pros and cons of each option at this informative thread.

Topic by @Smart Domains

Domain names and trademarks,UDRP
An intriguing question: Would a domain registrant gain an advantage by seeking to cancel the trademark of a company that is/would file a UDRP against their domain name? Awaiting the law experts to join this discussion!

Topic by @DNSSEC

Sedo or Afternic: Which one is best for selling domain quickly?
Two distinct, popular domain platforms, Sedo and Afternic, allow domain investors to sell their domains. The question is, which one offers the fastest method to sale? Share your own experience.

Topic by @manojddfdd

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