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Welcome to the weekly Top Topics review here at NamePros! :) sold for $2.27 million dollars; Can you still earn a living selling domains? GoDaddy transfer issue; Most valuable LLL combinations; Managing Dan, GoDaddy, and Afternic. Sold for $2.27m (£1.8m) By Software Circle
The domain name was recently sold by its owners, Software Circle PLC, a brick and mortar business. The sale involved the sum of approximately $2.27 million dollars, or 1.8 million British pounds. Read more in this thread.

Topic by @silentg

Can you still make money selling domain names?
A lot of newcomers to the domain industry are eager to make money buying and selling domain names. There's nothing wrong about being anxious about but once you set your expectations right, making a living from domain sales is feasible. Still, some people are more successful than others. Find out what most established domain investors think.

Topic by @wedwilson

GoDaddy Transfer Issue
Transferring domains out of GoDaddy requires WHOIS privacy to be removed, something that not many are aware of. A domain investor moving his domains away from GoDaddy witnessed the auth code for one of them change and his transfer was denied. Read more details about why this happened and how to prevent it.

Topic by @sharfab

(Most valuable) LLL combinations
There are 17576 combinations of 3 letters in the standard Latin alphabet of 26 letters, from AAA to ZZZ. Not every combination is as valuable, however, leading to the obvious question: Which combinations are the most valuable, such as words and popular acronyms? An interesting subject that may have subjective answers.

Topic by @ZOX

Managing Dan, GoDaddy, and Afternic
GoDaddy has closed down Afternic for domain searches, redirecting buyers to its primary search instead. Meanwhile, faces syncing issues with Afternic and both share fraudulent listings. Is there something that can be done to improve this, from the seller's standpoint?

Topic by @DomainHype

Spatial keyword industry to receive the ultimate upgrade at NamePros
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Topic by @NamePros

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Thanks for the great rundown, @Acroplex

I think the discussion on more valuable LLL patterns is particularly worthwhile. I had not noticed it before you highlighted it here, so thank you!

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