information Top Topics: NamePros BIN landers; Afternic & Broker ethics; Bodis antivirus woes; Reversed sales via Fast Transfer; sale scores $275k

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NamePros Parking adds BIN and more; Do Afternic brokers lowball listing owners? Bodis triggers antivirus alert; Failed sales at Afternic trigger domain transfers; James Booth sold

NamePros Parking adds Buy Now
The parking services provided by NamePros - for free! - are getting better. New landers use a BIN system that can help you potentially sell your domains using an ingenious approach. Find out what other goodies are being offered with the NamePros landers.

Topic by @NamePros

Is it possible for a domain broker to get you a lower price in Afternic?
A domain investor "suspects" that a GoDaddy broker might intervene as a middle man and relay an offer lower than what the buyer offers, then pocket the difference. Is this unethical action possible? Short answer: No, and find out why.

Topic by @OceanKing

Bodis landers trigger AV alert
Some strange activity at Bodis in recent days, with landing pages triggering antivirus alerts, instead of displaying the usual PPC links. The issue has now been addressed but was there a loss of revenue on the popular parking platform?

Topic by @Hypersot

Afternic - Wants me to take back domains to my registrar that I don't own anymore
Fraudulent Afternic sales on the Fast Transfer network resulted in the domains being moved to GoDaddy. These sales are now null and void and Afternic expects the seller to move the domains back. Find out what is the best approach to this unfortunate outcome.

Topic by @Maxiboy

James Booth sells for $275K
Domain investor and broker, James Booth, has scored a big sale with changing hands for $275,000 dollars. Find out the back story about the buyer and get some much needed education on this name from Greek mythology.

Topic by @equity78

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