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Miri.com was sold for almost $200k; Venting off while being impatient with domain investing; GoDaddy Auctions Beta are a hot mess; Epik.com are (still) untrustworthy; Threads.net was threatened by Threads.app.

Miri.com Sold For $199,995 USD At SquadHelp.
Domain investor Andy Booth was in seventh heaven after selling the domain Miri.com for the sum of $199,995 dollars before commission. Find out more details about this six figure sale.

Topic by @silentg

Just a little vent on myself being impatient with domaining.
Impatient domain investors can leave quite a chunk of money on the table; a domainer shared his personal experience so that others can benefit from the lessons he learnt.

Topic by @Myles R.

GoDaddy Auctions Beta - A Hot Mess.
It's one thing to use a beta platform such as GoDaddy Auctions Beta, and another to lose all your data configurations beginning from absolute scratch. One frustrated domain investor and user of the platforms shared their experience.

Topic by @DomainRecap

Epik.com are untrustworthy. NameLiquidate do not honor sales.
NameLiquidate auctions domains registered with the Epik platform. After paying almost $6,000 dollars for six domains, an investor was told that these domains should not have been auctioned off Epik in the first place. Find out what he heard back from the NameLiquidate support.

Topic by @VinceS89

Threads.net was threatened by Threads Software Limited
The operators of Threads.app threatened Meta Inc, operators of Threads.net, with legal action. Did that stop Meta from continuing to use the Threads.net? No. In fact, Threads.app renamed itself to Threads.cloud. More interesting info in this ongoing ...thread.

Topic by @Mohamed Ahmaid

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