branding Threads.net was threatened by Threads Software Limited but


Mohamed Ahmaid

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It appears that Threads Software (threads.app) threatened Meta with legal prosecution for the Threads name

But what is noteworthy is that Threads Software changed its domain to Threads.cloud after it was on Threads.app!
Did Meta acquire the Threads.app domain after a legal settlement with Threads Software?
It seems that Meta did it again, as it did with the owner of Threads.net, who changed its domain to Threadso.net.

Now , do you own some of thread domains ?

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Nah, my guess is, they want to avoid being associated with Meta.
I like this kind of threads!
That article just goes to show that you shouldn't use a competitor's website to establish your place on the internet. IE Faecesbook

They are a bit screwed though, cause https://trademarks.ipo.gov.uk/ipo-tmcase/page/Results/1/UK00918232158 this is the Meta trademark.

You can tell because the representative is Hogan Lovells (Alicante) S.L. & Cia. which is who they always use.

Shame that other company didn't register a BROAD word mark, like you can in the UK and have it sown up to the hilt. They only had a logo registered as a trademark, which clearly isn't going to cause confusion.
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