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The impact of a logo on the sale of domain names; Afternic: Fast Transfer nightmare; The futility of chasing the Queen of domain TLDs; Dot .in Registry requires KYC; New broker assigned to a domain on Afternic, so what does that mean?

Logo impact on domain sale
When selling a domain name without content, is it really necessary to have a fancy, or spectacular logo designed? In other words, does a good-looking logo have any effect on the final price of a domain sale, when a business or other content isn't part of the transaction? Find out what domain investors think.

Topic by @Pusang Gala

Afternic: Fast Transfer nightmare
A domain name was sold via the Fast Transfer process on Afternic and transferred out of its owner's account at Sav, without any further information. In the two months since, its owner hasn't been paid and GoDaddy is still fumbling about the status of the domain. Read the details by joining this discussion.

Topic by @Thasreefa P M

The futility of chasing the Queen of TLDs
We all know that .com is the King of all TLDs. Is there a Queen, or is that 2nd place loosely shared by pretty much any other extension? Find out what others think and share your own personal opinion.

Topic by @MKA

Dot .in registry to require KYC on all domains
The subject of Know Your Customer (KYC) is expanding beyond US-based businesses. Now, the .in Registry of India is requiring all domains to deliver this information to the Registry. Get ready for more complicated transactions for .in domains.

Topic by @pb

My Domain got assigned to a new broker on Afternic
When the handling broker at a stalled transaction at Afternic changes, is this good news, bad news, or no news really? Hint: Any of the above!

Topic by @jokems

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Thanks for the summary, @Acroplex!

I often wonder how important a logo is for a brandable domain name sale. I presume in most cases the logo will not end up being used by the buyer, as in most cases it will not guess the exact end use. So it is more a display thing for attractive presentation and professional feel.

Now that it is easy to generate logos by AI, would be interesting for a marketplace to do an A/B experiment with randomly chosen names, some displayed with logos, some just as listings.

Thanks again,