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Domain investor receives cold call from potential buyer; Namesilo lagging with delivery of a $2,500 dollar domain; Investor returns to domaining after more than a decade; SAV vs. DAN as a selling marketplace; Strategic approaches to dropcatching.

Cold call offer for domain name
A large, reputable company reached out to a domain investor, in order to acquire a domain he's held for more than ten years. Initial negotiations indicate the buyer's willingness to pay good money for the domain. Should the domain's owner sell at that price point or attempt to negotiate for more?

Topic by @jokke

I purchased a domain name in Namesilo for $2,500 and I am still waiting to get it. Any advice?
After acquiring a domain at Namesilo for the sum of $2,500 dollars, a domain investor is still waiting for the domain's delivery five days later. What is the best approach considering Namesilo has not responded to their support tickets?

Topic by @Nodoxy

Back to Domaining again
A domainer active between 1998 and 2011 took a break for medical reasons. They are now back, more than a decade later, and are eager to re-join the community. Welcome them back to the domain investing game!

Topic by @zlm

Which is better DAN or SAV ?
Domain exposure, commission fees, and customer support, are all important metrics when listing a domain for sale. Both SAV and DAN offer a domain selling platform and are popular with domain investors. Discuss the pros and cons of each platform in this thread.

Topic by @aob

Dropcatching strategy
It's the million dollar question, important among investors seeking to get domains on the drop: Which dropcatching service is better? Join the discussion and share your thoughts about your favorite, most effective service that catches domain names.

Topic by @Proggo

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