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Welcome to another edition of Top Topics here at NamePros. Here's a selection of active discussions for your reading pleasure: was reported as sold by DNJournal, for a whopping $3 million dollars; More trouble at Epik as investors cannot register domains with existing balances;, a lookup tool, will be going out of service; Users of Bodis share a big drop in PPC revenue; Twitter will soon sell premium usernames that stay dormant too long.

DNJournal reports sold for $3,000,000
The domain name was sold for a massive $3 million dollars. According to the report by DNJournal the sale was achieved by Above president, David Warmuz; the domain was in the possession of investor Brent Oxley previously.

Topic by @Name Nerd

Epik stealing money without apologizing
Domain investors are sharing more problems with Epik, the once popular domain registrar. According to reports, existing balances cannot be used to register new domains or renew existing ones. Attempts to resolve failed registrations remain unanswered and this adds to customers' frustration.

Topic by @topdom domain lookup tool to be retired in Feb 2023
Popular domain information tool,, will be retired in February. Not reason has been given so far; the tool was used by many domain investors to gauge useful metrics about domain names.

Topic by @MadAboutDomains

Revenue drops too much with Bodis
Users of Bodis, a popular PPC provider, are reporting a large drop in revenue. Despite not making any changes to their portfolios, domain investors are witnessing a consistent loss in earnings. Share your thoughts in this thread.

Topic by @kesen

Twitter may finally be ready to monetize premium Twitter handles
Twitter is about to take over unused premium account handles (usernames) and sell them to those interested, apparently. Many generic, dictionary words are at stake. Which one would be your pick?

Topic by @equity78

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I am so sad to see Dofo go.

I think a service that collated names for sale, no matter which marketplace, is something those buying domain names need. It is perhaps more needed now than ever.

Also, as someone who does domain research, it allowed things like BIN price distributions, industry-wide sell-through rate calculations, etc. that will no longer be possible.

I thank them for the great service these years they have been in operation.

Thank you very much for another great summary of some important topics, @Acroplex.

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