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Welcome to Sunday's review of Top Topics here at NamePros! :)

Are new TLDs hard to sell compared to .com domains? Mistakes you made as a domain investor; Worth renewing domains? and other sales on Namecheap; The maturity in domain investing.

New TLDs are still hard to sell compared to .com domains?
Dot .com domains exist since the dawn of the commercial internet, making it hard for new gTLDs to compete. What is the real reason behind a lack of volume in such domain sales? Share your thoughts in this thread.

Topic by @killshotroxs

Can you tell me what mistakes you made in domain investing
As beginner domain investors, we all made mistakes, small or big. These bumps on the road affected our course and this is a thread to share your experience so that others can benefit from it, all while you laugh off those awkward moments.

Topic by @andrewwilliams54323

Worth renewing domain?
The Registry operates on a SLD, essentially providing subdomains. Premium keywords can reach thousands of dollars and have been used in the IT industry or to signify Italian interests. Are those registrations worth renewing as an investment, when not used by an end user?

Topic by @Leo2k

Bison.Ai Sold For $50,000 USD & More Sales Ceramic.Ai, Foxy.Ai, Ala.Ai
Namecheap operates a marketplace that has seen several .ai sales recently. This is a link to an update provided by Namecheap's CEO, Richard Kirkendall. Find out what got sold at what price.

Topic by @silentg

Capped: The maturity in domain investing
This thread presents an analysis of the secondary domain market and how .com seems to occupy the entire mindset of domain investors. Is there no room for other TLDs, in a demonstration of "maturity" for the industry? Join the discussion and share your thoughts on the subject.


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Hey, Acroplex thanks a lot for mentioning me
🙏Thank you for the reference in this week’s recap @Acroplex.
🙏Thank you for the reference in this week’s recap @Acroplex.
You're welcome
Nice info, iam new here on domain selling, over a decade on PBN & SEO.

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