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Welcome to the latest Top Topics review here at NamePros! :) was sold for $110,000 dollars; Hey newbies: Domaining is dead! A complicated offer at GoDaddy; Never use a broker for outbound sales again; JM Bullion has acquired

Cognition.Ai was acquired by Cognition Labs for $110,000 dollars
Another week, another grand .ai brokered sale by James Booth; was acquired by Cognition Labs, a well-seeded startup, for $110,000 dollars. Read the details.

Topic by @silentg

Message to Newbies - Domaining is DEAD!
A domain investor is venting off their frustration by listing a few reasons why domain investors fresh in the game are better off switching careers. While some points are valid, it seems that patience runs thin in this case. What do you think? Share your own opinion in this hot thread.

Topic by @Clover

GoDaddy offer. Complicated. Asking advice.
A domain listed at Sedo for $25,000 dollars received a $15,000 dollar offer via a GoDaddy broker. The investor declined that offer and removed the Sedo listing, hoping to get a counter-offer in that range. So far, silence and that lack of a response is making him nervous. What would you do?

Topic by @JustaGringo

Never Broker for Outbound Again
Using the right approach for outbound sales is important. An investor used a broker who not only debated the pricing of the domain but their actions resulted in threats from the buyer of filing a UDRP. Find out what happened in the end and what lessons could be learned.

Topic by @AMRO1001

JM Bullion, Inc. Acquired
A leading e-commerce retailer of precious metals, JM Bullion, has acquired the domain name, pairing it with its existing What a combo! Read more details about this extraordinary acquisition.

Topic by @silentg

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