information Top Topics: Buyer didn't pay after domain push; Queries and frontrunning; 7.io sold for $150k; State of the Industry 2024; Dot .desi TLD in danger

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Domain investor sold domain with content but buyer didn't pay; Clean your cookies to avoid frontrunning, says domainer; The domain 7.io sold for $150,000 dollars; The State of the Industry 2024; Dot .desi is possibly shutting down.

Get Domain Back To My Godaddy Account
The sale of a developed web site went south after the seller push the domain to the buyer's account. The other party took control of the domain and the files, blocking the seller and withholding the promised payment. What can be done at this point?

Topic by @ahmedejaz

Clean your cookies for avoid frontrunning
A domain investor claims that web sites that operate as tools for the domain industry are tracking one's queries. He claims that domain registrars use domain queries to gauge value and then "frontrun" these registrations. How much of this is true? Join the debate.

Topic by @USA (note: this account has now been closed.)

7.io Sold For $150,000 USD By James At SquadHelp
Who said dot .io sales are dead? Domain investor, James Booth, shared news of his latest mega-sale that involves the domain name 7.io. Find out more details and how this sale ranks on the dot .io sales roster.

Topic by @silentg

The State of the Industry 2024
DNJournal first shared the annual State of the Industry on New Year's day, 2003. Since then, DNJournal shared thousands of news of important updates in the domain industry. Read this year's edition and celebrate with Ron Jackson on this special 20th anniversary of DNJournal's State of the Industry report.

Topic by @Ron Jackson

.desi – the second general availability TLD to possibly shut down
ICANN has placed the top level domain .desi into the Emergency Back-End Registry Operator (EBERO) program, making it impossible to renew .desi domains currently. Will there be a terminal shut down, or a transition new ownership remains to be seen. Read more information on this issue by joining the discussion.

Topic by @capybara

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Thanks for the weekly summary, @Acroplex !

Fantastic sale of 7.io.

It is a long but well worthwhile read of the state of the industry report that @Ron Jackson puts out each year. Definitely a collection of views from people who have shown their success in domaining. While not everyone will agree with everything said by everyone, I think important to read and reflect on the views expressed.

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