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Becoming A Better Domain Name Investor This Year

By Bob Hawkes, Feb 25, 2021
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    A Very Valuable Piece of Information. Like every other field having a Guide, Mentor in Domaining too is necessary.
    Thank You.
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    Just a thought GD values @ $6,978 you may want to own since I see it's available. Isn't Bob the
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    if you didn't have that mindset last year or year before or year before that
    or even when you first started,
    then it may be too late to start now.

    though i'd hate to be a newbie today, and have to cypher thru what's true and not true
    trying to decide what's relevant versus the irrelevant and the necessary versus the extra fluff, puff and smoke that is also being pushed to this group.

    i say, if you want to be better investor, then invest more time to find better domains, period.

  4. ThatNameGuy

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    Thanks was your domain that led me to register a half dozen "Green" related domains like GreenSupplies.xxxxxx and ForeverGreen.xxxx. Thanks for the inspiration(y)
  5. Bob Hawkes

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    So not sure if it was because I wrote too much and was unclear :oops:, or people are naturally hesitant to share their plans :| which makes sense, but while lots of interesting comments, no one yet has fully taken the plunge of sharing what their goals are in 2021 and how it is going so far. So here goes, my personal list:
    1. Try out 3 brandable marketplaces - I had prior to 2021 never submitted a name to a brandable marketplace, and in fact only had an account at 1. Progress so far 2021: I have accounts at 2 now, submitted names to both, and have some listings at one. :)
    2. Get a nice lander for every domain for sale I have - Progress not yet too much done :xf.frown:
    3. Read at least 2 more books from branding/naming, not domains - Progress not yet :guilty:
    4. Start a Canadian brandable 'marketplace' - it seemed to me there should be a place to buy .ca that was sort of like the brandable marketplaces. Progress Start made!
    5. Write a few articles for the business press outside the domain world. I think telling positive stories on value of digital assets is important, and not done enough. Progress: Not yet started. :|
    6. Have fewer, but better domain names. Goal maybe a portfolio about 60 to 70% current size. Progress: It's complicated. -_-
    7. Try out domain naming contests. I had never tried this even once before 2021. Progress: more than 10 contests entered! :) No $$ yet won.
    8. Try out at least 3 domain research tools that I do not currently use. Progress - not done but I know at least 1 tool I plan to try soon.
    9. Make my domain descriptions more concise. Progress: a few improved, much to do.:guilty:
    10. Complete a MOOC on a related topic like contract law or IP law. Progress: Not yet, although course possibly identified.
    11. SECRET PROJECT A (hints: What do the brandable marketplaces not handle? Who else buys domain names?)
    12. SECRET PROJECT B (If I really do it, not at all sure, I will let my domain friends know at the right time - I did acquire the domain name for it, the right start! It is slightly related to #5. No I won't tell you now so please don't guess.)
    2021 will be a busy year! So much possible.

    Why not share your plans?

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  6. Jeff Chien

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    Thank you for your insight, Bob. What are some most popular new TLDs that just appear recently with high demand?
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