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The best investment strategy for 2020

By Brian Harbin, Jan 27, 2020
  1. Brian Harbin

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    A dad was in his home office on an important phone call when his 5-year-old son came in and asked him if he could play. The dad said, "Not right now son, I’m busy." The young boy left and came back a few minutes later with a hopeful expression, "Now are you ready?" The dad tried to stay calm and replied, "Give me a few minutes." The young boy lowered his head and sauntered out, and before the dad could finish apologizing to the other person on the phone for the interruption, the young boy came back and said, "Has it been a few minutes?"

    Not wanting to upset the boy and instigate a meltdown, the dad scrambled for a newspaper and ripped off a map of the world. He shredded it into dozens of pieces of paper and said, "Here, go put this map of the world back together and when you bring it back finished, I will be done with my call." The young boy’s eyes lit with excitement and eagerly took the pieces of paper and a roll of tape. Relieved he would have plenty of time to finish his call, the dad settled back into his chair.

    Less than 3 minutes later the young boy came back with the paper neatly taped together with the map of the entire world put back together correctly. Intrigued by how his son had done this so quickly, the dad wrapped up the call, examined the paper closely, and then asked, "Son, how did you put this together so quickly?" The young boy said, "Well, there was a picture of a person on the other side of the paper so I just put the person back together. I knew if the person was right, the world would be right."

    So often in life and especially in new beginnings like the start of a new year, we have aspirations that hinge on the success or failure of things or events that we can’t control. We end up falling short, and the story is always the same “Well, I couldn’t do it because I wasn’t expecting this to happen first” or “If it weren’t for that mishap, then I could have reached my goal” or “I would’ve done this at work if it weren’t for that person.” However, if we can focus our efforts on what we can control and focus on "getting ourselves right" like the boy suggested, then it’s incredible how all of a sudden the world becomes right, too.

    And that is why the best investment strategy for 2020 is to invest in yourself. Whether it’s personal or professional, it doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s investing in your physical health with a fitness regiment or healthier foods; maybe it’s that certification or course you have been wanting to take; or it could even be that coach, mentor, or therapist you have been meaning to enlist.

    How can you apply that same mentality to your involvement in the domain industry? How can you further educate yourself and increase your inherent value to the great visionaries that make up this unique industry? We have a daunting task of educating the world on this fascinating industry of which we are all an integral part of, and if we individually take the initiative to improve ourselves, then we can all achieve more. I am curious to hear in the comments below what other suggestions you have on how to invest in yourself this coming year. Don’t be shy!

    In closing, my challenge to each of us, regardless of events and changes in 2020 that we can’t control, let’s invest in ourselves because if we can get ourselves right, then the world will be right.
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  4. Brian Harbin

    About The Author — Brian Harbin

    Brian is the founder of, an organization focused on developing mental, physical, and emotional resilience in people at all walks and stages of life. One of his subsidiary companies is, a domain and website brokerage company he has run for over the past 5 years.

    This is Brian Harbin's 1st blog post on NamePros.

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  6. The Durfer

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    I agree that if we feel better about ourselves it does reflect on the earth and there is something to say about karma which is very similar to the golden rule that what we do unto others others will do to us. Plus positive feels better than negative. Lol.
  7. topdom

    topdom Established Member

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    So what happened after the 3rd paragraph. The lesson I would get from such a(n incomplete) story would be: by inventing your own way, you can make progress much faster than expected.
    Once there was a fantastic horror movie, tension was built, things got complicated, and then the movie ended suddenly and for no reason.
  8. ThatNameGuy

    ThatNameGuy Restricted (15-30%) Gold Account

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    Brian...all good stuff I remember we connected on Linkedin a little over a year ago, and I remember you're a Bulldog. Here's my UGA, and I'd like to share some of my plans for 2020 if you care to hear them. Thanks,

    Biscuit (1).jpg
  9. Internet.Domains

    Internet.Domains Top Contributor VIP

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    If your in an airplane and the cabin air pressure drops, putting the oxygen masks in front of your face, always put your mask on first, before assisting others.

    Point being if you take care of yourself first you are then in a better position to help others.
  10. VaibhavA

    VaibhavA Top Contributor VIP

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    Thats a beautiful way of putting it.

    Agree 100%. Its sometimes not that easy, one needs to constantly keep pulling oneself out of the comfort zone.

    Some thoughts/dreams/ideas that could motivate oneself come in very handy.

  11. youaintme

    youaintme Established Member

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  12. Ntmt

    Ntmt Established Member

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  13. satyadeep singh

    satyadeep singh Established Member

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  14. Indianad

    Indianad Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Excellent points! It was a gentle reminder to better myself everyday and continue to learn.
    Thank you
  15. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent Gold Account VIP Trusted Blogger

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    Thank you for the creatively written and meaningful message. Often in the haste of life we overlook making sure that we are investing in ourselves.

    I like that you gave the clear message that we should invest in ourselves, but left it to each person to define what that was exactly. Among other things I hope to read more, both related to domain investing (like branding, naming and marketing) but also read outside that (just finished a memoir on reinventing yourself that was inspirational. I think the main two other things I hope to concentrate on are balance and reflection. Domaining can be addictive and it is always good to balance different aspects in our lives. I think reflecting on where we are, in some regular and somewhat structured way, is always beneficial.

    Thanks again for delivering an important message. If you are attending NamesCon I hope you have a fantastic conference. It was my honour to meet you last year.

    Also, very best wishes for Grit. It seems like a comprehensive and worthy program.

    Thanks again,

  16. Established Member

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    This post was very timely. Twice a year, I do a performance review of myself. The one at the beginning of the year is very extensive, gruesome and tedious. As much as I detest the process, I admit it is very necessary. I access my progress in the 5 different departments of my life, during which I assign a score of 1-10, among other steps. It gives me a yardstick with which to measure my personal growth and development. Without it, my entire compass will be out of kilter.

    @equity78 , I'm curious to know what you found unappealing about the article.
  17. Brian Harbin

    Brian Harbin Director of Sales, NamePros NamePros Staff PRO ICA Member Gold Account VIP

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    Thanks for the contributions, perspectives, and value add so far

    Yes, @ThatNameGuy please share your top 3 plans for 2020
  18. ThatNameGuy

    ThatNameGuy Restricted (15-30%) Gold Account

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    Brian...i needed to give this a little thought, but my top three plans for 2020 are;

    1. Revolutionize the "Secondary Market" of the domain industry. I started a thread on NP about a week ago titled; "Why are Hundreds of Thousands of Quality Domains not sold?" Without giving anything away, I got my answer:xf.wink: So now it's time to formalize my plan, recruit believers and "Make Something Happen"

    2. Revolutionize This is a mission that's currently underway because;

    1. Golf takes too long - 9Time™ takes half the time
    2. Golf is too expensive - 9time is half the cost
    3. Golf is too freak'n hard - a PGA Professional and myself have formulated rules that will simplify the game

    3. Have fun, and "Smile for No Good"

    #3 is easy, and #1 and #2 are very reasonable as long as I can; "Get by with a Little Help from my Friends"
  19. Gary-dgtl222

    Gary-dgtl222 New Member

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    invest in yourself is best investment instead of spending materialistic thing.
  20. Liquidsea

    Liquidsea Established Member

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    On point!
    Maybe you're that mentor I am meaning to enlist :xf.wink:
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