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After acquiring his first domain names in 1998, Nat Cohen began amassing one of the most valuable portfolios of domain names. Under the guise of Telepathy, Inc, Nat has bought several thousand domain names including one-word .COM’s, two-letter .COM’s and three-letter .COM’s.

The company also operates several domains that have been fully developed through its subsidiary, State Ventures LLC. Thanks to DomainIQ’s portfolio analysis tools, we were able to pick out ten great domains currently owned by Telepathy, Inc.


The exact-match domain for this mid-Atlantic state is owned and operated by Telepathy’s subsidiary, State Ventures LLC. The state of Maryland is one of the smallest in the USA, but it boasts a population of around six million and as of 2009, the state had the highest median household income in the USA.

Maryland.com is one of several state domains owned by Telepathy. Their other names include NorthCarolina.com, Pennsylvania.com and Virginia.com.


Despite having been a domain investor since the late 1990’s, Nat Cohen has acquired many of his best domains in recent years.

Previously used by a San Francisco-based research company called Focus, Telepathy looks to have acquired the name in 2012, just months after Focus closed their company.


This one-word domain name was used by a company that listed a database of over 25,000 speakers until 2007 when the name started to show a Sedo parked page.

It’s not clear whether Telepathy acquired this domain directly from the original owners, but it’s safe to say that this is now one of the most prized domains in their possession.


There are very few two-letter .COM’s in existence. What’s rarer than a two-letter .COM? A two-letter .COM that is also a common English word. With domains such as WE.com and AT.com sell for high amounts in the last few years, it’s likely that the interest in AN.com has remained high.

Telepathy’s portfolio contains many two-letter .COM domains, but this has to be one of the best.


Another two-letter .COM owned by Telepathy is NS.com. The domain is likely to receive a lot of interest from China, where two-letter “premium” domains such as this routinely fetch prices close to seven figures. NS.com looks to have been acquired by Nat’s company in 2008, with a website for Automated Services Inc being displayed before then.


Aside from being a majestic term, “wizard” is often used online and in software development to signify a service or tool that is meant to be of help. It’s a versatile, easy to spell domain name that could be used across many industries, which is why it is included on our list.


One of Nat’s most recent acquisitions is Ride.com. Up until July 2016, the domain was used by a New York-based company called Ride, who was aiming to “reinvent the commute”. Unfortunately, that project seems to have failed, with the company closing in mid-2016.

In June 2017, we included Telepathy’s most recent acquisition in our “Detected Domains” series, although a sales price has never been revealed.


According to some reports, the global recruitment industry was worth around $500 billion in 2016, growing 8.6% from the previous year. Companies such as Monster, Indeed and LinkedIn have lucrative revenue streams thanks to the demand for recruitment. However, the domain name Recruitment.com is owned by Telepathy, Inc and is likely to be one of their most valuable names.


This 1993 domain is synonymous with power and resilience, thanks partly to Ford’s adoption of the Mustang branding for one of its cars. This generic domain has been owned by Telepathy since 2016 when they acquired the name from Marie Hayes, Inc of Florida.

The domain name doesn’t resolve to any website or parked page.


Did you know that Telepathy owns a portfolio of several hundred three-letter .COM domains? This includes a batch of fifty-five domains acquired from GoDaddy in 2016. This year, Telepathy has sold several three-letter .COM’s such as the seven-figure sale of OFO.com and the $198,000 sale of DCC.com.

One of the best three-letter .COM’s that the company still owns is Gus.com. Gus.com a pronounceable, memorable domain that is also a common English first-name, with over seventeen thousand Americans being called Gus.
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Domains like these give me tingles :)
Fantastic domains owned by a fantasic guy. One nicest guys in the business. when you see lists like that you just say wow.
Bought and sold a few names with this very nice guy over the years. Absolute pleasure to do business with.
These are what we would call super ultra premium domains. We all come up with different factors when it comes to determining the value of a domain.

The funny part about looking at this list is that I know for a fact everyone who reads it understands each of those domains have a ton of value. This is without looking at any stats or factors, you simply know they are valuable.

- Will
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