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Will .com "hodling" eventually be our demise?

Located in gTLD Discussion started by Shuttlepro, Jul 2, 2018.


  1. Shuttlepro

    Shuttlepro Top Member VIP

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    I just thought about this now. Some of us hold some real gems and people are constantly seeking quality .com - yet we see how the offer is almost never good enough, and the seller wants to "hodl" them basically. Does this drive the seeking buyer to a new gTLD alternative in your opinion or make them want the .com more? Do you think this might get worse in the future?
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  2. MapleDots

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    Does prime real estate in New York, Hong Kong, Toronto etc ever really depreciate?

    Prime will always be prime and the market will dictate value.
  3. NYJimbo

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    Every day millions of people look at domains they would like to buy, but the prices are just too high. Those people have ALL gone to some alternative. Just because a domain is "valued" at a very high price doesnt mean it will ever sell. God knows how many thousands of common word domains will NEVER be used because they are over priced.

    I dont think "hodling" can be your demise, unless you never sell and die penniless because you were waiting to get $25,000+ for "rutabaga.com" or something. Hodling helps new TLDs, but I dont think it hurts .COM value, just the people hodling too long.
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  4. Kate

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    Doesn't seem to be the trend.
    People get creative, they try longer .com. For many end users (outside America) the ccTLD can suffice.

    Also, the scarcity of good .com is nothing new, in 1996 we were already saying all the good domains are gone :xf.smile: In 2000 too, in 2018 of course... the mantra is not going to change.
    End users realized this a long time ago and they have grown accustomed to that state of affairs.
  5. jmcc

    jmcc Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Currently, the first year renewals for .COM for 2017 registrations are running around 59%. That means that approximately 41% of the domains registered are dropping. Guess they didn't get the memo on "hodling". :)


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