Why would anyone get a Reseller account from Tucows/eNom?

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Back in the day, I used to have a Reseller account with a registrar called Bulkregister. They were really good (I was as happy as can be with them) but they got bought by eNom. I couldn't remember why I didn't continue on with a Reseller account with eNom but I think it might all be coming bak to me now.

Few weeks back, I briefly looked at the eNom reseller pricing here:

And at first glance, it shows SALE for .online for $5 and .store for $3 and so on. I got myself all excited and thought I have to come back and register for a Reseller account with them which I have done today.

Here are the facts though and it makes me wonder WHY would anyone ever register for a Reseller account with eNom when there are litterally hunderds of companies providing the same but cheaper!

- The sale prices are ONLY for new registrations (NOT ever transfers)
- You have to pay a one time (as long as your account is 'active') $50 sign up fee

As an example:

- .org costs $17.00 - same price for registrations, transfers and renewals.

I have gone on TLDES and manually counted 103 registrars with a better price!

I chatted with them and the Support person did not have any explanation for any of this other than to suggest I get in touch with their Sales department.

For a Reseller account, I would expect a pricing structure similar to this (something similar is now offered by the now hated Epic):

cost + $1 for the Essential plan
cost + $0.80 for the Advanced plan
cost + $0.50 for Premium plan

and so on...

Instead, what you seem to get is something like:

cost X (times) 3 for Essential Plan
cost X (times) 2.8 for Advanced Plan

and so on...

So I am scratching my head asking THAT question = Why would anyone sing up to this? As a small domainer (I have over 500 domains in my portfolio), price is a determining factor. Even if you be a large corporation, you still have to act responsibly with the company's funds and should not be bying a product for a mutliple of the price you can get elsewhere.

2nd, I would welcome any suggestions in regards to - are there any better Reseller account options out there or even just cheaper options to renew/transfer my domains somewhere? The cost of renewing my domains is getting to be too much for me and it is really hard for me to decide which domains to let go.
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