Why dont they reply???!!!

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    I have a domain

    There are more than a dozens of business in UK that has almost similar website name but none are as specific like my one. SO i emailed them about my domain.

    But I cant understand, why dont they even reply? do the emailes really reached the person it may concern?

    I also have, I emailed similar websites but same thing happened.

    I only got many replies for the domain finance). They offered low xxxx but i an gonna wait for high one.

    What is your advice to get reply by email for a sale?
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    Outbound can be very lonely and you deal with a lot of nasty replies, you need thick skin and a lot of patience. Just make sure if you emailed someone and they did not reply you do not keep contacting them, that can cause you problems with being labeled a spammer, harassment etc... Best of luck.

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