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I tried to pay for my auction with my card today, but it got declined. I used the same card in the last 24 hours to pay for renewals and an auction win.
I tried with another card, but it got declined too.
Both are Visa debit cards with international transactions enabled. I have used both cards at dynadot in the recent past.
Is there any one else having the same issue? Especially another Indian?

Dynadot support stuff is 100% sure they don't have any issue from their side.
I am 100% sure the issue is either related to Indian cards or Dynadot system itself.
Please note that I get an alert when my card declines a transaction. None of the cards gave me any alert.
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Hmmm... I guess I was right about the problem being in their system.
It keeps showing me the same error message in the dashboard when retry.
Payment for XXXX was incomplete. Credit Card 4...XXXX Declined on 2022/01/20 09:19
I am afraid, they haven't retried any of my cards after the first time it was declined. Or they are simply showing the first error message.
Although my card was still not being charged (please note the transaction never reached the card/bank) when trying to pay directly for the auction win, I could add balance to my account using the same credit card!
It looks like a part of their payment system is somewhat broken.
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