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Sam Jenkins

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Hi all,
Only very recently gotten into domaining, mostly still in the reading phase but hopefully this isn't in the obvious answer category.

Annoyingly, I've noticed today that a domain that I want expired and was snapped up, unfortunately I hadn't been tracking its expiration date. This has lead me to wonder if there's any online tools that you can add a list of domains you're interested in, that will email you when they are about to expire or have expired.

Looking online I've seen a few portfolio management tools which talk about tracking expirations for domains that you own but none which appear to allow you to track ones you don't own. While I could just add it as one I own so it's tracked, having it separate would be highly preferable for me as there are a few others I'm interested in.

Does anyone know of any software that does that (ideally free or has a limited free tier) that allows for this?

Thanks for any help in advance.
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Good question - would like to hear if tools exist for this. I do mine manually, with a calendar app, and I watch lots of ccTLDs so my guess is tools would only work for dot COM

One place you can use to get and idea of the dates is BulkSEOTools, although you have to know how the expiration process works, the dates given can be misleading

What registrar got the domain you were interested in today?
Thanks, I've got a similar set up for for a few others, I just hadn't expected this domain to be let go.

Thanks for the link to the bulk checker, doing them one by one is painful.

Register/com got the domain. Looks like it's gone to NameJet for auction, I'd assume after the 60 holding period.
well if you are a godaddy client you can set a domain monitor and they will send you email if there is any changes, you can find it in domain backordering section, good luck :)
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