Even Amazon isn't interested in .bot

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I'm recently back into hobby domaining after a 20+ year hiatus (yes, I should have kept the hobby alive back then).

I own a few .bot domains, but was wrong in my projection that the TLD would have more adoption by now. I did a few misc. cross checks to see if companies in the AI space are buying the .bot also, and found that even Amazon, the .bot registrar, doesn't appear to be bothering.

An example is SageMaker, Amazon's machine-learning training platform. They have the .ai for it ( goes to their product page), but they didn't even bother to pick up It's currently free for anyone to hand reg. It's an Amazon trademark of course so I suppose they may have decided they can come for it whenever they want, but more likely they're just not thinking .bot at all.

Personally I think .bot is better than .ai for regular users, but it seems to be a long wait ahead for .bot investors...
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