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Hello Everyone,

I am working on a theory of a huge stock market crash happening and I have given my theory the name #TheJokerSignal. This is a theory that major Western Governments and Western Businesses have been investing into economic theories based on Individualistic culture and have been betting against community based technology to meet objectives. I am anticipating that community based technology will have massive growth after a stock market crash as currently most venture capitalists bet against community based technology. I am somebody who expects to make a lot of money with community based technology in the future but I don't believe the investment community is ready for my technology and so I am building a media arm to my business before seeking funding. There is massive education costs for community based technology in Western Culture as we have been heavily conditioned by business to trade in a very individualistic manner and so it is difficult to teach people to see the thousands of dollars that they are wasting every year by conforming with their trade culture.

I have started taking the nickname #TheJoker this year. I live in Australia and in Australian Indigenous Tradition, the comedians are the hero's who help restore healing to the nation with their jokes. I am building the case that I have the credentials of a good joker and that an emerging future stock market crash is the signal (#TheJokerSignal) of my credentials of a strategic joker. My aim as a joker is reduce poverty in the world and I see a stock market crash as a necessary signal to venture capitalists to invest heavily into collectivistic technology to restore the health of community groups across the world.

As a domainer, I am aiming to build my case here on the value of investing into collectivist domain names that work around collectivist culture. I am challenging other domainers who have overinvested in individualistic domain names and I am presenting the case that a huge cultural switch is eminent and that the individualistic culture that has overtaken the globe in the last century is not a healthy culture and market corrections are required to reassess the values of domain names built around this culture.

I am particularly interested in .org domains and the potential of a large increase in demand for .org domains but I think that this discussion needs a lot more depth and interrogation to evaluate what the implications of this are.

I am making an absolute fool of myself and it is the role of a joker to make a fool of one's self. I do this because I am completely passionate about fighting poverty. I am trained as a mathematician. I started the "LLLL.com countdown" thread on Namepros and I forecast the buyout of 4 letter domain names. I provided routine statistics on this thread and it became one of the most popular threads on Namepros for 6 months before the buyout happened. Many of my Namepros friends made a lot of money on 4 letter domain names who benefited from my thread.

I am back forecasting on Namepros again after more than 15 years. I had a taste for making money through forecasting on Namepros years ago and so I have been hunting for something bigger that would make me a lot more money. I have been analysing politics and world trends actively for the last 14 years searching for answers. I have been a building a theory of a dramatic shift in world cultures from individualistic to collectivistic. I want to share it with you guys. I think that this will be big. I think that by delving deep into this, we can work out the overlooked domain name areas and future domain name opportunities.

I have a lot more more to share about this. I hope to present a strong case that:

This future stock market crash will happen
This stock market crash will be the beginning of some incredible new technologies across the world
These new technologies will be effective at reducing poverty in the world
This crash will be an opportunity to laugh
By engaging in this discussion, we can determine areas of domaining that are overlooked and taken for granted

I am really excited about what I have to share as I have missed Namepros a lot for the last 15 years. I feel like I finally have a trend big enough to share that I can speak as somebody who loves domaining who has something new to offer the domain name community. I have not been able to afford to do domain name investing these last 15 years and I see myself more as a domain name consultant now who holds onto my small collection of domain names that I refuse to change. I hope to share more about my forecast with you next week.
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