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Does WLM have things to improve?

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  2. No

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  3. I haven't tried it yet, so don't know

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  1. GoodKindName

    GoodKindName Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Hi everyone :)

    I noticed there was no special thread to discuss Squadhelp White Label Marketplace (WLM), so decided to start one.

    The main reason for that is that I believe this platform is good and promising but some things need to be improved in order to make it #1 choice landing page/personal marketplace among domain investors.

    Please, share your experience with WLM, what works for you, and what doesn't. We know one thing for sure, Squadhelp loves to evolve/improve, often quite rapidly. So why not squadhelp it?
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  2. GoodKindName

    GoodKindName Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Things I personally like about WLM:

    - The landers look great, clean and modern
    - You can upload your own logo and make things look professional
    - The commission of 7,5% is less than some other popular alternatives
    - Some interesting features like the ability to create discount coupons

    Things I think needs to be improved:

    - Too much Squadhelp: since this is my "own" marketplace, I'd like fewer links and points to Squadhelp. For example, on the make offer page (after someone made an offer), there is a huge clickable "Squadhelp" button. Since I'm already paying commission for this landing page/escrow solution I expect to see less SH self-promotion. I think just reviews widget and the information that Escrow is provided by SH is totally enough.

    - No options for Wire and Crypto payouts: many sellers are using these methods as the best options for Payout but WLM has only Paypal and Payoneer. This needs to be improved to make WLM a more attractive solution for domain investors. Squadhelp positions itself as innovative and cutting-edge (which is often truth), so the lack of Crypto feels strange. On SH forum Grant recently said, "there are some additional challenges related to Crypto Payouts, and we will likely not be adding this option in the near future." But somehow Dan and Epik manage it just fine so it's a must option for WLM be competitive

    - No option to remove chat/e-mail/phone

    - Page load time is much slower than DAN - 5 seconds vs 2 seconds
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  3. Kachi

    Kachi Established Member

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    No matter the commission, as long as Squadhelp refuses to add crypto payout for sellers, it will NEVER be the number 1 marketplace for domain sellers.

    They will always be the one to lose out by avoiding crypto payout.

    I would rather stick to DAN/Epik with a higher commission. SH should wake up and smell the coffee
  4. GoodKindName

    GoodKindName Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    I tend to agree that Crypto payouts should be there by default in 2020 especially considering the fact that our industry is 100% digital. Wire transfer also available on all the other platforms, can't understand why Squadhelp doesn't have it.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on WLM? :)
    What improvements would you like to see?
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  5. GoodKindName

    GoodKindName Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Since this thread is devoted to sharing experience (not just things to improve), I'd like to praise WLM for one feature: discounts.

    Many domainers (including myself) prefer to have a lower price on their landing page than on Afternic (to compensate for the latter's 20% commission). But the difference in prices may potentially confuse a buyer.

    That's why I think discounts is an amazing idea - it looks more natural.
    So your Afternic price is 4500, and your landing page price is 4500 too but it says it's on sale and the price after discount is 3930. So the buyer doesn't feel confused - he's got a deal!

    The only thing I would change is the text shown: "Sale Ends: Today". I wish it was customizable. Let's say I want a discount to be permanent so something like just "On Sale" would be much more suitable.

    But overall I really love the feature and I couldn't spot it in any other landing page solutions.

    Godaddy (price set on Afternic):
    WLM (discount added):
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  6. GoodKindName

    GoodKindName Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    I love the idea of adding a logo to a domain name. I think it adds some extra depth and brand substance to otherwise just an "empty" name. And WLM gives you the option to add your own logo to any domain name which is great!

    But there is one problem I've found. They allow you to upload the full package: Main Logo (the one that visitors see on the lander), Square Logo, and vector Adobe Illustrator project. But when you add all of this there is no single mention on the lander that the logo is included with the domain name (under the What's Included section).
    And it's not even clear whether it will be included at all since there is no info on this in the Knowledge base.

    It takes a lot of time and effort to create the full package and then WLM refuses to indicate that there is a logo included with the name. To me, it's frustrating and feels like a waste of effort. I'd like to ask those who pay attention to the logos, what do you think about this situation? Is it normal or an issue to be resolved? Thank you for reading and participation!


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