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I usually use namedroppers.com, business directories, zone files, and google, obviously, to find end users for domains that I want to spam ;) as some would call it.
For example, If I owned NewYorkSigns.com, I might go to namedroppers.com and type "newyork signs" or "buffalo signs" and so on.
In google, you can sometimes find more obscure sites by typing *keyword.com, site:keyword.*, allinurl:keyword, etc. You can also try site:TLD keyword.. Example: site:co.uk real estate.

But for some ccTLDs, there isn't a website or file with the list of all registered domains to search through.
One way you could try to work around this is by getting the list of all .coms and .nets [http://www.leandomainsearch.com/blog/16-how-to-get-access-to-the-official-verisign--com-zone-file]
and then find all the domains registered in both .com and .net. Then, theoretically, you automate checking the DNS of all those domains + the ccTLD you want. If you receive an NXDOMAIN response, it's most likely available to register, but not always. I haven't tried this method yet for ccTLDs, but it could give you the most popular phrases and words taken in a TLD.

A much simpler way that I'm sure some of you have already thought of (and I was surprised I hadn't) is to open expireddomains.net and type a keyword or two in the upper right hand corner. Then open the filters, find the "Name in selected TLD is registered" box under the "Additional" tab, and check your ccTLD. It will then show you common and some not-so-common domains that are registered in that TLD.
If you have the "TLDs Registered" column showing, you can sort to find the more popular phrases registered in the ccTLD, or reverse sort to find a more rare domain that might be less likely to be held by a domainer..

One drawback is that this will not find certain end users who are using a very bad domain, because that will most likely only be taken in the one TLD, maybe two, and the second one might not be for sale or expired, which is all that expireddomains.net shows.

Anyway, hope this is a helpful tip for some of you.
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Lots of useful, valuable tips, thanks!
Very interesting tips indeed. Thanks.

I wonder if you have some method for invented names where the subject is not clearly apparent in the domain name (think yahoo, youtube or tumblr before they were famous) ?
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