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    Does anyone here have any success selling hand reg domains? I'm curious to know if there is more success reselling domains they bought from someone vs reselling a domain that someone let expire and end up picking it up for reg fee. Thanks!
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    The general consensus is that anything we can register today could have been registered yesterday, so it isn't nearly as valuable. I agree with that. But and this is a big but, there are always exceptions.

    Today I registered Anyone could have had it yesterday! I see opportunity. It isn't snarky and it isn't skanky, its snanky. Ironically, at least it is to me, snanky is in the urban dictionary. It only takes a small social wave to make the word popular. I also think it is very brandable. So snanky isn't, but I do not think I will have a lot of trouble selling this over the next few months if I choose to move it.

    I do think differently than many here. Not better, different! I think "generally" speaking domainers should buy domains in a secondary market, liquid domains, 1 word domains, current/hot domains, and hand reg domains . . . looking to hold for many years, a few years, and willing to flip in months. I think that strategy can work for a lot of people. There are experts that have their niche, that have their matrixes, that follow a detailed script and will not deviate from it. There is a lot of room on the domain train!
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    Most of my domains have been in the hand reg category. I do not have any that will sell for $xx,xxx (those have already been taken). But have sold plenty for mid to high $xxx and some low $x,xxx. If you pay $10 to reg and sell within a year or two for high $xxx, that is a good ROI in my opinion and in case I guess wrong, I'm not out a lot of money. There are some domainers who paid top dollar for "liquid" domains then the bottom falls out and the price goes down and they cannot get their money back. Like all investments, you are taking a chance on the expensive domains.
  4. maya-zir

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    I used to handreg before.
    Now I preffer mostly buy but I also still handreg.
    Sales? Yes, I sold some of them, but I am not very good in sellselling whatever, so they were sold mid XX.
    I also dropped a lot of them and lately found them registered by HugeDomains for 2k.
    So the problem was me, not domain quality. I must learn search more potencial end users.
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