Sedo MLS and Afternic Premium Domains Program

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    Hello guyz.

    When adding domain to Sedo, you may turn on Sedo MLs Premium or may not. But when adding to afternic and park with them, you should yet verify your domains by opt-in their premium domains program.

    Domains I added to my Afternic account is hold in my account of Dynadot - registrar eligible to their Premium Domains Program.

    Question is following:
    On one domain I can set and Sedo MLS and Afternic Premium Domains program? Or they will be conflicting between them?
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  2. It should be fine from a technical standpoint because as soon as the domain sells through one platform and is transferred, the tie to the other platform should be broken and then there wouldn't be a case of it selling in two places at the same time (These things are happening in milliseconds and one of the two hypothetical buyers should receive a "no longer available" message/error of some sort).

    It is possible that they may disallow this to stifle the competition but I don't think either service would do that. (@Sedo and @Joe Styler may confirm.)

    Hope that helps,
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    We don't know what another company is doing with their names. It would be problematic for a few reasons, is the person listing there actually the domain owner? Not saying it isn't but we don't know and I doubt other places would want to share who owns what domains listed with them. We would have to build in technical resources to check external company systems, and keep them up, etc there are a bunch of reasons.

    The way we do it now is that if your name is eligible for fast transfer it would be done at your registrar. The registrar has to ok the transfer upon sale and the domain owner has to approve that to opt in to the network. If the name sells the WHOIS changes, the lock changes, etc domain statuses change enough that the registrar will tell us the domain can no longer fast transfer and it will be removed from the fast transfer network, BUT it will still be listed as a slow transfer listing and can still sell unless the domain owner tells us that they no longer own the domain. We do checks for ownership but if you are talking about minutes or milliseconds that won't happen fast enough. The domain owner is ultimately responsible for managing their listings.

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