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This thread is a central location to report domain name sales of any dollar amount.

As much information as you can include about the transaction is welcome, but at a bare minimum please include the domain name(s), the sale price, and whether you were the seller.

Good luck with your sales!

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Do not post only, "great sale" or similar as this doesn't contribute to the thread. (Don't reply for the sole purpose of complimenting.)
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Suggested template (bold details are required):

Domain name:

Sale venue:​
Listing type:​
Listing upgrades:​
Asking price:​
Sale price:​
Purchase venue:​
Purchase price:​

Suggested values / explanations:
  • Sale venue: Sold at NamePros, outbound direct, inbound direct, etc.
  • Listing type: Make Offer, Fixed price, Auction, Auction with Buy-It-Now, Reverse auction, etc.
  • Listing upgrades: Premium package, featured listing, etc.
  • Seller: me, a friend, a friend of a friend, a colleague, someone else, unknown, etc.
  • Purchase venue: Where (and the year) the seller purchased the domain name originally.
  • Details: Any additional details about the domain name like how you bought it, how long you had it before it sold, its age, etc.


Domain name:​
Sale venue: NamePros (2016)​
Listing type: Make offer with Buy-It-Now​
Listing upgrades: Featured listing​
Seller: Me​
Asking price: $950​
Sale price: $830​
Purchase venue: NamePros (2015)​
Purchase price: $25​
Details: Acquired from a reseller. 5 years old domain. Had for 1 year before resold.​

Domain name:​
Sale venue: GoDaddy Auctions (2012)​
Listing type: 7-day Public Auction​
Listing upgrades: N/A​
Seller: Someone else​
Asking price: N/A​
Sale price: $60​
Purchase venue: Hand registration (2009)​
Purchase price: $8​
Details: I watched its auction. The auction description said it was hand-registered the same day it dropped (from expiration).​

  • If you don't want to provide any other information about the sale besides what you've posted, then include "no further details" or "NFD" in your post.
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Sale Price: $99
Venue: Afternic

Sold at Sedo. BIN was $4,995, decided to take their $2,500 offer, because I'm happy with the ROI.

Purchased for $98, holding time was 3 weeks.

Overall, I'm very pleased, this was my 4th sale of the year from a portfolio of 280 domains.
Jet/Fuel (.) co

Sale price 997€ ( ~ 1080$)
Venue Sedo
Holding time 4 months
Purchase price 20$
Alt//Centric [com]

Sale price: 3599 USD
Venue: Afternic (SH premium listed)
Hold time : 1 year and 3 months
Acquired for 15 USD

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Amped//AI dot com
Sale venue: Afternic
Listing type: buy it now
Sale price: $125
Purchase venue: Namecheap
Hold time: 11 months
Purchase price: $7.99
Hand reg

I had just dropped the asking price of most of my dot coms from high xxx to $125 and this sold the next day.


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I almost dropped this, but decided to renew it. Makes me wonder if the domains i decided to drop would've sold for a crappy price too.

I've had it since feb 2019. So almost no money made, you know?

I don't know who the buyer is. I guess we'll have to wait and see if it would've sold for higher.