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This thread is a central location to report domain name sales of any dollar amount.

As much information as you can include about the transaction is welcome, but at a bare minimum please include the domain name(s), the sale price, and whether you were the seller.

Good luck with your sales!

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Do not post only, "great sale" or similar as this doesn't contribute to the thread. (Don't reply for the sole purpose of complimenting.)
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Questions are allowed, but do not post commentary. If you want to discuss or comment on a sale in this thread, quote it and then post it in the following thread instead:

Suggested template (bold details are required):

Domain name:

Sale venue:​
Listing type:​
Listing upgrades:​
Asking price:​
Sale price:​
Purchase venue:​
Purchase price:​

Suggested values / explanations:
  • Sale venue: Sold at NamePros, outbound direct, inbound direct, etc.
  • Listing type: Make Offer, Fixed price, Auction, Auction with Buy-It-Now, Reverse auction, etc.
  • Listing upgrades: Premium package, featured listing, etc.
  • Seller: me, a friend, a friend of a friend, a colleague, someone else, unknown, etc.
  • Purchase venue: Where (and the year) the seller purchased the domain name originally.
  • Details: Any additional details about the domain name like how you bought it, how long you had it before it sold, its age, etc.


Domain name:​
Sale venue: NamePros (2016)​
Listing type: Make offer with Buy-It-Now​
Listing upgrades: Featured listing​
Seller: Me​
Asking price: $950​
Sale price: $830​
Purchase venue: NamePros (2015)​
Purchase price: $25​
Details: Acquired from a reseller. 5 years old domain. Had for 1 year before resold.​

Domain name:​
Sale venue: GoDaddy Auctions (2012)​
Listing type: 7-day Public Auction​
Listing upgrades: N/A​
Seller: Someone else​
Asking price: N/A​
Sale price: $60​
Purchase venue: Hand registration (2009)​
Purchase price: $8​
Details: I watched its auction. The auction description said it was hand-registered the same day it dropped (from expiration).​

  • If you don't want to provide any other information about the sale besides what you've posted, then include "no further details" or "NFD" in your post.
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in king

Marketplace: DAN

Sale Type: Inbound Offer
Initial Offer: $25,000
Sale Amount: $25,000 (offer accepted)

Sale Date: 28-OCT-2022
Paid Date: 07-NOV-2022
Reg Date: 28-FEB-2008

Hold Time:
14⅔ years

Reg Cost: $7.15
Renewals: $131.05
PPC Income: $1.85

Reg Type: Hand Registration
Reg Registrar: GODADDY
Sale Registrar: DYNADOT

$25,000.00 Sale Price
$-138.20 Total holding Costs, including purchase
-2,250.00 Sales Fee
1.85 PPC Income
$22,611.80 Net Profit

A seemless transaction with @DAN.COM

All figures in USD.

DomainsWeb.comTop Member
All below sales happened in May and via Afternic.

It was really a roller coaster ride for the last month. For the first 9 days, I’d NO sale but I was confident of having at least a few before the month ends.

The 10th day, I’d my first sale in the shape of which sold for $1,988 via Reseller partner. That’s when things started to change and ended May with 9 sales via Afternic. Seems there is some coincidence that for the first 9 days there was no sale and in the entire month, I sold 9 domains altogether. One more domain was sold via Reseller partner for $1,988.

There were 3 domains altogether which sold via GoDaddy cart: for $3,988. for $6,888. for $6,888.

There were 4 sales via Afternic cart which many times include negotiation before the sale strikes. for $7,500 – I believe of selling this domain for lower price just in order to keep the cash flow coming. Not because who the buyer is, as that never really matters to me. I always valuate according to my valuations. I’d a BIN of $9,888 on this domain but eventually sold for the above price after the broker gave his best. – This was another smooth sale with a BIN of $6,888. – I’d a BIN of $3,988. Broker came in and presented an offer of $2,392. Strange amount but may be it was a round figure in a different currency. After pushing the buyer to revise his offer, the best and final offer was $3,000 which I’d thought of accepting the minimum as well. And the deal got strike on this one!

WFH.CO – The biggest individual sale of this month for me via Afternic for $9,888. I must admit of forgetting to update the price on this domain and selling it very cheaply. As WFH (Work From Home, Working From Home) term has got super hot these days and I forgot of having such valuable domain sitting in my portfolio.

I came to know when the offer came in where the buyer originally offered $2,500 and then $3,500, $5,500 and finally $6,500 and I was presented the $6,500 on 27th May and I remained firm on $9,888 and also said this BIN is valid until the end of May and I’ll increase the price significantly after that.

In next 48 hours, the domain was sold and buyer got a great deal here. Although I’m very happy with each and every sale but and not shedding tears on this one. But the purpose of sharing all this detail on this specific domain sale is to keep ourselves updated as much as possible and adapt to the change.

Above 9 domain acquisition cost was just under $2,000. Total sale amount was whopping $49,016‬. One of the best thing in last month was there were a good number of domains sold. Another thing was with no 5 figure sale, still the total amount of sales was almost 50K!

After trying Afternic landers for the last 5 months, I can clearly say that their landers are performing very well compare to Uniregistry landers. Also with Fast Transfers enabled for Uniregistry domains, I’m seeing better results for my portfolio. As you can see above, 2 domains were sold via Reseller registrar of Afternic. Also 4 domains via Afternic cart which means their brokers are efficiently working to strike the deal. Overall, I’m satisfied with results. But this doesn’t mean Uniregistry landers or their brokers aren’t good. They’re absolutely one of the best brokers I’ve ever worked with.

On the other hand, I received a little over 650 inquiries in total last month whereas in April I got almost 600 inquiries. This include multiple inquiries for the same domain(s). Also to add one more thing, I've now 3,850 domains in my portfolio.

Joe N

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Wanted to share my first five figure sale with you fine folks:

Screenshot_20200416-154208_Email - Edited.jpg

Asking price: $28,500
Sale price: $31,350 over 24 installments (includes 10% markup)
Commission: $3,990
Purchase price: PM me if interested
Hold time: 13 months

This name had received quite a lot of interest in the year that I owned it, including a $4.5K offer and a $5K offer from two separate parties.

Pricing the name proved to be a great learning experience for me, and I'd like to thank @bmugford and @Dave for discussing it with me and helping to give me some confidence in my valuation abilities.

In the end the sale came about thanks to an email forwarding technique discussed here: Thank you to @Zilla for that.

Thanks also to the entire NamePros community. It continues to be a wonderful place to learn the industry and grow as an investor.
u n g i v e n . c o m
$2749 Afternic BIN
inbound (not FT)
I acquired domain name just over year ago in NameLiquidate auction
Domain creation date 2016.
Renewed for several years (was registered to Jan 2025)
Sold about a week ago.
Dictionary word, but not reg in other TLDs or in OpenCorp listings.
I saw it perhaps as one-of-kind gift store (or gift exchange) - no idea plans of buyer.

Personal note: my biggest sale (yet :xf.grin:), and for first time I am not using proceeds to improve portfolio but taking out to replace my 11+ yr old computer and get a new ext HD and a few other things.


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Sharing my 2022 sales, 49 domains, ~$79k. Happy New Year!

4,571 has been sold.

Marketplace: GoDaddy

Sale Type: Inbound -- contacted via GoDaddy broker from "Domain Buy Service"
Sale Amount: $25000 (Initial offer was $5000)
Sale Date: 27-April-2019
Paid Date: 07-May-2019

Reg Date: 13-July-2013
Hold Time: 5.75 years
Reg Cost: $27
Renewals: $222
Reg Type: Hand Registration
Reg Registrar:

$ 25,000 Sale Price
$ -249 Total holding Costs over 5.75 years (including purchase)
$ 3 Lifetime Parking Earnings
$ 24,754 Net profit


Swetha.xyzTop Member
17,098 sold for $199888 @DAN.COM

No further details please. Thank you.


Nametree.comTop Member
G/o B/a/g/s (dot com)
DAN, $9188 BIN
Purchase price: high $xxx

Bought this in Feb. on NP as a two-pack with another name. I remember I offered it on Twitter on someone's "post your .com for sale" thread for less than $3k, a few liked it but no one made an offer.

Someone on Twitter did suggest a company that might like it, so I reached out to them on Linkedin, got a reply asking price, offered it for $5k, never heard back. I think I changed prices on Dan several times, a couple of weeks ago I had it at $5k again, but I had just made a sale that gave me some padding, so I went through some of my favorite names and raised the prices.

Well, someone bit and bought it at BIN.

The one other thing that's interesting about this one is I had a $14k BIN at Afternic, which had also been raised recently. I don't do a great job at keeping my prices consistent because I'm a little lazy, but sometimes I intentionally leave a gap between Afternic pricing and Dan pricing - I have a theory that if someone sees a "premium" name at Godaddy, types it in, and sees it's offered for less on the Dan landing page, they're ever so slightly more likely to buy at BIN thinking they're getting a sweet deal. Not sure that was a factor here, but I think I'll try that more consistently from now.

P/a/r/s/l/e/y (dot app)
Dan, $1500
Cost: Reg. fee + 1 renewal

Offer came in at $300, had a $3500 BIN. I tried to get him to get closer, offered installments, highest he got to was $1k so I walked away last week. But today I followed up and asked if he was still interested, he said he could do $1500 but no more. He owns a matching .com so I figured let's squeeze what I can while I have the attention.

Plus, it was a milestone sale for me on Dan...

Thanks to all who share knowledge and are open about their sales and process, it's been immensely helpful and I'm very grateful.


Swetha.xyzTop Member
17,098 sold for $119911 @DAN.COM sold for $35000 @DAN.COM sold for $17000 @DAN.COM sold for $7888 @Sedo sold for $6000 @Afternic sold for $5127 @Afternic sold for $1988 @DAN.COM

No further details please. Thank you.

Elad n

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2 sales that are already out there so ill share them here. (sold on april payment plan ended now)

55k after negotiations - private no make offer or BIN
Dont remember the purchase price but I think about 300-500 usd a few years back
A win-win, great new owner. (sold this month)

65k after negotiations - private no make offer or BIN
Bought for about 200-250 usd 4 years ago
A crypto company of some kind

No more details.


Top Member
My first ever 5 fig sale from last month


Funds have been received and domain is now with the buyer
Hold time 3 months
Purchased for low XX

Note on this sale:
I really liked the name as it reminded me of a line Hans Gruber says in Die Hard "...we'll be sitting on a beach earning 20%". Had thought of potentially developing it as a travel agency white label.

Domain was rejected from SH before being submitted and accepted at BB. Went live beginning of August and sold after 3 weeks.
After it had sold I put the name in the domain appraisel section on namepros to see if people felt it was good or not, response was mixed.
Just writing this as a reminder that domaining is very subjective. Even if a name has been rejected from SH or other people don't think its great, in the end all that matters is if you genuinely really like it or not. If you do, the chances are someone else will as well.

As a result of this sale I'm officially a profitable domainer!


uno dos tres CUATRO!!Top Member
Sold via, negotiated, enquiry via whois/email. Hold time: 20 days
Hand Registered: 499.95 premium ⬇️
SOVEREIGN (xyz) 31,250

Sold via Dan, negotiated, hand reg,
Hold Time: less than one year⬇️
TANTAMOUNT (xyz) 1285

Sold via Dan, BIN, All Hang Reg,
Hold Time: less than one year⬇️
NOVA3 (xyz) 495
LOYALTY3 (xyz) 688

Sold via Dan recently after recent reduction to 99⬇️
DRIPT. (xyz) 99
DOSED (xyz) 99
3VPN (xyz) 99

Sold via Afternic:
BIN 688-2988, all hand reg
HT: less than one year except for ** (+1 year renewal)⬇️
BSV-Blockchain (com) 999
TheLuckyBets (com) 1488
**Metaverse-Pay (com) 2988
ENGAGE3 (xyz) 699
CAREERS3 (xyz) 688

Sold via Afternic:
BIN 88-499, All Hang Reg,
Hold Time: less than one year⬇️
TokenizeMarket (com)
TokenizeMarketplace (com)
MBpayments (com)
Fractional-property (com)
OmniverseMarketing (com)
FACTORY3 (xyz)
GROWTH3 (xyz)
MetaverseBlockchain (co)
STREAM3 (co)
OnRamps (co)
DigitalTwins. (health)

Sold via Sedo:
BIN 88-499, All Hang Reg,
Hold Time: less than one year⬇️
CreditQuo (com)
InsureNFT (io)
Meta-world (io)
FractionalProperty (io)
Torchbearer (co)
V. (Clinic)


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I Sold for $21,000

I am probably as shocked as you reading this. I have a handful of good " token " domain names that I registered 3+ years ago, before the term was widely used in the crypto-space, but I always thought of to be one of my weakest.

Last Thursday I received the email from Godaddy that my premium listing sold, the money was in my bank account 6 days later (yesterday). I am surprised the buyer didn't reach out to me and try to negotiate. I am curious to see who or what company bought it, and what they will do with it.

Of course I am ecstatic!



DomainName.comTop Member
Navigator dotcom

Sold for $350k via a reputable broker.
Hold time about 5 yrs.

DomainsWeb.comTop Member
Last month sold for $15,888 via Afternic BIN.
Holding time - 8 years.
Acquisition cost - Low 3 figs.
I sold this a few week's ago. Afternic FT, although lander had been pointed to Alter. Hand registered last year as part of a search for some hand reg in the mobile food sector - registered 2 (still have other). I had changed pricing on this one a bit, lowering by few hundred a month or so before sale. The new owner has not changed DNS, so no idea about intended use. Would also work as in movie trailer for cooking shows.

DomainsWeb.comTop Member
13,616 – I bought this domain from a fellow domainer couple of years back in a package deal. This was sold via Afternic BIN at $3,888. – Acquired this domain for $xx couple of months back and had BIN of $3,988 at both major platforms Sedo and Afternic. However, got direct inquiry and after I quoted price, got an offer of $2,000 for a quick deal to be done that day itself. I wasn’t tempted to sell it as that wasn’t an acceptable offer. I revised my asking and gave my final price of $3,500. Going back and forth for at least couple of times more and sticking with the same price of $3,500, buyer agreed and bought the name. All in all, it was really nice dealing with buyer. Great person to deal with. – This was an interesting sale completed this month. Acquired the name less than two months back for $xxx, got direct inquiry via Uniregistry lander. Buyer was from Korea and if I remember correctly, I sold my first domain to a buyer from Korea. Funny thing in the entire deal was the buyer kept talking completely in Korean language which I needed to translate every time at Google Translate to understand what buyer says. After which I always responded back in English. It was good the buyer understood English language and I had no problem if he was responding back in Korean language

Initially buyer asked for the price for which I quoted $7,888. Buyer offered with $3,700. I reduced to $7,250. And then there was silence for a week period… I usually don’t follow up unless I sense the seriousness from any potential buyer. In this case, I followed up and buyer improved the offer to $6,000.

I gave my final price of $7,000 and took the entire escrow fee at my end which in almost all my transactions, my buyers pay. Eventually $7,000 was accepted and deal completed through – Bought this domain several years back. Afternic broker (Will Black) contacted on behalf of their client with an offer of $5,888. It was having BIN for $6,888 both at Sedo and Afternic. He asked if I’ve any flexibility, would like to counter or accept. I responded to remain stick at $6,888. Few days later, got accepted and payment on the way! Many thanks Will as you’ve done good job in getting the buyer to accept $6,888. It’s been great doing business with you in past and this time as well! Hope to do many more deals with you in future – I’m sharing this particular sale because surprisingly this was my first .org sale and was sold for $5,888 through Afternic BIN.

DomainsWeb.comTop Member
13,616 – Received direct inquiry via Uniregistry lander and after quoting $2,888 for which initially got $2,250 offer. After giving the best and final offer of $2,500, buyer immediately accepted and made payment via Uniregistry checkout which has been working very smooth for me. As soon as the funds are secured by Uniregistry, they transfer the domain swiftly and credits your account and funds are released per your preferred payment method. – Acquired this domain last year from GoDaddy closeouts. Received opening offer of $1,250 for which I quoted $2,988. To add one thing here, all quoted prices are already set at Sedo, Afternic and their partner registrars so anyone can buy directly from there as well. And the same price is quoted to all potential buyers who inquire directly.

After the usual silence from buyers, got $1,750 as last and final offer. We quoted $2,600 as final price with no more negotiation space left. The buyer came with $2,000 by saying the budget doesn’t allow to move above any more. After around 15 days, out of the blue, the buyer came back and accepted the offer. Once again, we used Uniregistry checkout to complete the transfer and payment procedure. – There have been rare instances where we acquired domain names in bulk deal and this was one of them. Acquired for low 3 figures couple of years back and sold via Afternic BIN for $1,988. – Love to have such 2 word brandable domains in portfolio. This took bit too long to close the deal. Got $13,500 opening offer via Afternic broker. The listed price was $19,888 BIN. After going back and forth several times with the broker, we finally closed the deal for $15,000. – Sold via Afternic BIN for $1,588. – Sold via Sedo BIN for $1,988. Held this domain for more than 5 years. – Acquired this domain more than 6 years back. Received direct inquiry via Uniregistry lander and $3,988 was quoted for which initially $3,000 was made. This wasn’t bad offer at all considering the number of years the domain was held and some 3 figs was invested as well. After giving the best price we would accept was $3,750, the buyer immediately accepted. Once again we used Uniregistry checkout which worked very smoothly. – Creativity and brand-ability is involved in this domain. Acquired this domain several years back and was having BIN of $2,588. Sold at BIN price via Afternic. – This was an interesting domain sale. Acquired the domain late August this year for low 3 figures. Put up the domain for $1,988 BIN and was sold via Afternic. With 60 days transfer lock period, domain remained with me for a month period and was later transferred to Afternic. – Domain was acquired earlier this year via GoDaddy Auctions for 2 figures and some time back sold for $1,988 BIN via Afternic. During the entire period of holding the domain, got several inquiries via Uniregistry broker and direct lead. However, nothing worked as buyer got stuck at $1,200 and $1,500. I remained firm at $1,988 with no interest to negotiate. – I’m not fond of buying hyphenated domains. However, paying $59 isn’t that bad either for such a domain. Acquired it last year and sold via Afternic BIN for $1,988. – Another domain acquired for $59 last year. And also sold via Afternic BIN for $1,988. – This domain was acquired around mid this year for 3 figures. Received direct inquiry and quoted $5,888. The buyer was very nice gentleman to deal with and a good negotiator as well. Buyer initially offered $4,000. We quoted $5,500. After several exchanges of emails, the buyer raised his offer to $4,500. At the end, we both agreed to finalize the deal at $5,000 and sealed the deal via Sedo escrow where the buyer paid the Sedo escrow fee as well. – Another domain acquired for $59 and later sold via Afternic BIN for $1,988.

It’s obvious that BIN sales are working the best and the best platform for selling BIN domains is Afternic. Since I’ve been sharing my domain sales and acquisitions, at the same time I would like to share that now the portfolio consists of 3,300 domains. The sale ratio is 2-2.5% per year and targeting towards 3% in 2020.


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I dont't normally share my sales but here are a few ones I sold this month. 18k $35k $25k
••• $22,500 (inc escrow fees).

Bought 4/5 years ago for $500.

Inbound via uniregistry. $12,000

Bought on Namepros four years ago for $10.

BIN on Afternic


Leo Angelo

DomaincracyTop Member


Top Member
Deal was closed and payment was received this week!

SOLD : $14,000 USD
D/e/F/i/C/r/e/d/i/t/S/c/o/r/e (.com)

Inbound negotiated, took a while to get this one done, but it finalized.

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M c C e n t r a l . com
Sold 6 days ago at Dan for $1600 USD (lander pointed there). 9% commission. Strictly inbound.
I purchased at NameLiquidate auction in Feb 2021 (name was created in 2009).
Term has well-developed .org site and several other TLDs registered.
I had it BIN priced somewhat higher, but with offer option. Probably worth somewhat more than I got, but I did not so love the name, and happy to have the funds to pay for renewals and acquire some other names.
Several offer/counter offer but buyer seemed resistant to go higher.
I saw it probably best suited for sectors like central air conditioning, central vacuum services, etc. or a hub of some sort, startups, social media, etc.
I have a guess what the US buyer plans for name, but not sure. At moment still DNS pointing at Dan.
Payout was fast from Dan, had funds in less than 24 hr after the negotiations started.
I had tried it unsuccessfully on brandable markets, and offered it wholesale a couple of times in response to NPs requests (luckily for me they turned it down B-) ).
No other information, please (or if really need to ask something, do by DM to keep this thread on track).
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DomainName.comTop Member
Sold for $50k via Godaddy broker.

Nikul Sanghvi

hypernames.coVIP Member
Sales for May 2020:

lioness dot co ... $3000
BIN via Afternic

microtek dot co ... $1495
BIN via Afternic

pixelperfect dot co ... $1495
BIN via Afternic

rubrik dot co ... $749
BIN via DAN lander

gosafe dot co ... $749
BIN via Afternic

sosocial dot co ... $749
BIN via Afternic

herbivore dot co ... $749
BIN via Afternic

firstpage dot co ... $749
BIN via Afternic

booming dot co ... $700
MakeOffer via DAN lander