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    There is a category at NamePros:
    where new members introduce themselves.

    Among those of us who enter such threads regularly with Felicitations, there is an understanding among some of us that we will Like each others' "Greetings" posts.

    I have noticed that there are five sorts of NamePros members who post in these Meet and Greet threads, as far as reciprocity in Likes:

    1 - Some, just post a Greeting, and never Like any other Greeting posted in that thread.

    2 - Some, post a Greeting, and like all of the Greeting posts that exist at the time of the posting (all upstream Greeting posts).

    3 - Some, post a Greeting, and like SOME of the Greeting posts that exist at the time of the posting (some upstream Greeting posts).

    4 - Some, post a Greeting, and return to Like any member who has Liked his posts.

    5 - Some, post a Greeting, and Like ONLY posts that exist at the time of their visit to the thread, and not again. They will not revisit Welcome threads and will like only posts that exist at the time of their first and final visit to the thread.

    In general, there is a sort of Reciprocity understanding between us NP members who post in these threads, that if we give a Like, we expect a Like back.

    What I have found, is that there are members who make a big deal out of not re-visiting these Welcome threads, such that they will never Like any post that did not exist at the time of their first and final visit to the thread. Fine. That works for me. But what doesn't work for me, is when such members get bent out of shape over why other members will also not like their posts that were made prior to the visit by the other members.


    So there are members who refuse to Like any posts that did not exist at the time of their visits to a Welcome thread, who refuse to revisit threads to give Likes, and yet wonder why other members do not give them Likes in such situations, knowing that there will be no reciprocity?

    In any case, what this thread is about, is about the common courtesy of "you give - you get" when it comes to Likes. If you want to receive a Like for every single post you make, regardless of when you make it in a thread, do the same for every other post that comes along in that thread. Simple reciprocity. Or just don't worry about it and expect that if you give likes only for upstream posts, that people who come along after you will not give you a Like because you are not downstream to them and they know that you will never like their posts.

    You give, you get. You don't always get more than you give. Or at least you shouldn't expect more than you give.

    P.S. The reason I made this thread is a NamePros member went out of his way to ask me why I wasn't liking his posts that were made before I arrived on the scene, and liking only his posts that came along after I posted in the Welcome thread. I explained to him that it was because he had made it clear to me via DM that he would never like any of my posts unless they came before his. This guy couldn't understand the simple logic of Reciprocity (or, rather, lack of Reciprocity).
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    Thanks for sharing.

    The goal of that section is to encourage a warm welcome and networking experience. A complex Likes environment could be counterproductive to that.

    It’s interesting that there are more facets to it than anticipated. With that in mind, would it make sense to offer a feature that automated this functionality (e.g., “Like every post in this thread” or we automatically award Like points for posting in those threads without awarding points for Likes by members).

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    Interesting thought. However, Automatic Likes (AL) would not be good. Sometimes, something substantive is said in a welcome thread that is really not correct, or is something that would even deserve a dislike in another thread (y)(n)

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