Reforming the NamePros Thanks and Likes System

Labeled as status-monitor in NamePros Community Help, started by Ategy, Dec 22, 2019


  1. MapleDots

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    I feel like I want to dislike you just so I can be in the exclusive club of the two people to ever dislike you :xf.laugh:

    What the heck, since we are giving out titles I'm tempted to go after that one :ROFL:
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  2. capybara

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    People who feel they have too few dislikes should contribute to the appraisal section more often, a great way to boost your dislikes count!
  3. oldtimer

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    Have you been lurking all this time to get me:-D

    I thought we were all supposed to be friendly and professional towards one another at NamePros. :'(

    Now I don't mind if you disagree with me in certain threads, but don't dislike me.

    We do need a disagree option for sure.;)

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  4. Joe N

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    Just spit-balling here...

    @Ategy and others have mentioned that one of the major concerns of members getting too many "easy" likes is that it could instil newer members with a false sense of trust/authority.

    So, how about NP just doesn't display our likes under our avatars?

    The likes would still exist. You could still find them in the person's profile info, or on the Top Members list, but they wouldn't be in our face all the time.
  5. Ostrados

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    Regarding the likes to posts ratio, if you actively buy/sell in Marketplace then most of your posts will be marketplace posts, and those posts do not get likes (actually they are not allowed to get likes or thanks these buttons are missing from marketplace posts).

    I for example have 2975 posts but more than 80% of them are Marketplace posts, and 90% of those 80% posts are "UP" bumping posts :xf.grin:

    What I think should be done is excluding marketplace posts from users stats, because those posts do not contribute to NP discussions.
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  6. BradWilson

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    Just some thoughts...

    Add the ability to see a breakdown of where likes came from under Likes Received.

    Show a Top 5/10 Liked posts that are clickable so a newbie could view each and see for themselves why the post was liked.

    With all the data gathered so far, add a Rep/Trust Rating for each member based on AI :)

    The AI would use existing data and new data. New data would come from adding a nomination system that gives members the power to vote for the most trustworthy members. It could be similar to getting link juice from authority websites but instead it's trust from authority members.

    By using all this data, AI could correlate everything and build the Rep/Trust Rating system.

    So I like to dream :)
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  7. NickB

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    Has been said by a few people already but I will say it as well.....The number of likes a person has means nothing to me. I read what you write and make my own judgement if I agree with it or not and whether there is something to be learnt from it. The number of likes you have is not going to change my opinion or the way I read a post......

    Blindly trusting someone on likes, followers etc is plain stupid. I hate Social Media for this very reason, people don't judge a person on who they are, their worth, contribution etc anymore just on how many followers, so called friends etc etc they have.

    I play the game on LinkedIn now for work, but do not use Facebook, Instagram etc

    imo nothing needs changing........
  8. Blitzpotz

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    I suppose your AI will search the entire Web for other traces of members, to get the whole picture and draw conclusions. People will chat even more about AI discoveries to members than about domaining.

    To me it´s more a nightmare vision: the Namepros Intelligence Agency.
  9. oldtimer

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    Unfortunately as already have been pointed out by many others the number of likes does not necessarily correlate with how much members have contributed to the forum since they could have received many of those likes from posts that were of no value . The same thing could also be said about the number of posts as some people might have accumulated a large number of posts that weren't that helpful to the community, but then there might be some other members with a lot lower number of post that were thoughtful and informative enough to have made a positive impact on the forum or the domain Industry at large. Also it's important to note that when people receive likes it's more about their posts and their interactions on the forum and not about who they are as a person since most people are anonymous here and don't really know each other at a personal level.

    So what it comes down to is that the only way to gauge the members on this forum (or any public forum for that matter) is by reading their posts and also remembering the way that they have been treating others as far as being friendly, professional, helpful, and fair.

    There are certain places that likes could be useful like in the daily hand registration thread, but then if people only gave likes if the domains really stood out rather than just trying to please their buddies.

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  10. biggie

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    anything that can be manipulated or coerced by a member, is a potential liability for those who look at it as a positive metric or equate it with trust and reputation.

    there are a lot of immature and gullible members, and many will like a post just to align themselves or dislike a post, to show alliance with the person they like.
    all while ignoring the points of concern and why they where brought up.

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  11. Mister Funsky

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    21,519's a lot to read about 'likes' and/ or 'dislikes' so I will admit I did some scanning (was actually reading posts in other thread when they got moved here).

    So, here goes my input: Likes are important regardless of the reason (no other effective way to gauge participation in a forum like this without a major coding overhaul).

    I purposely do not 'like' posts by those offering names for sale (WHY would I want to lead others to a thread I am looking at to get purchase ideas!?!?!). My thanks to those people, that make that type of post, is when I use their link so they can make some money. As a matter of fact, I communicated recently with someone new here (privately) encouraging them to embed links so they could make a little extra money for their effort of bringing unique names to attention of the namepros community.

    As far as the 'like' being used in the welcome/new member threads, those are well earned by those that take a second to say hello to someone new. When I first started here, I was surprised at how many people spoke to me right off the bat...I am not a spring chicken and this stuff isn't new to me, but it was a big part of getting and keeping me active here rather on other sites I will not mention.
  12. WatchDogue

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    I am very pleased to be a member, I am a guest really, here on NamePros!

    I try hard to conduct myself via my comments with respect to the precepts and principles expected of NamePros members by the Forum's management team..

    Welcoming new members with courtesy and a bit of direction is IMO the very least I as an appreciative member can do and should do as part of my member / guest status.

    New members are the fabric and the lifeblood of most Forums and some onetime new members, which is really everybody, go on to become substantive and important contributors.

    Personally I have never, ever offered a name for sale here on NPs, I have never sought to secure funds from you or anyone on the Forum and absolutely fail to believe you can equate the number of Likes with some high degree of trust that then takes unscrupulous advantage of new members!

    You complain about your lack of likes for what you perceive as some major contribution ( drop list ?) you offer to members - well then - are you only making your contribution for the very likes you on the one hand
    " don't like " and on the other hand, desire?

    The number of likes your contribution receives is commensurate with the opinions of thousands of viewers
    and the voters have spoken.

    Just do your contribution ( name drop list ? ) because you believe in it, not for likes.

    I have never used your list but I happily THANK YOU for trying to make NamePros a better Forum as you see fit.

    The NamePros Forum is seemingly running pretty well with it's Thanks - Like - Dislike system and an excellent management team although the adding of a " disagree " option might be worth considering, or having a rational discussion about same.
  13. Lox

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    If we don't state our opinion, whether we click on “agree / like” or “disagree / dislike”, we are not part of the discussion. If we are unwilling to discuss our opinions ... it's probably better to logout and read only.

  14. Bravo Mod Team

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    Here are some of our responses on this topic from the past:

    We are actively thinking about ways to improve the Reactions system and its scoring, so we appreciate all of the feedback and ideas to help us do that.

  15. Ategy

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    @NamePros @Mod Team Bravo .. *IF* you were to implement a "smarter" weighted system that took multiple scaled factors into consideration .. then that would most definitely be the better option. That being said .. is NamePros actually going to do it? Because the things I was suggesting are relatively quick and easy solutions .. and no offence .. lol .. but sometimes when NamePros says "We are going to look into doing something like that.", it often means years if ever (although admittedly sometimes it means days .. but there's no way for us to know unless you tell us).

    *Bump* .. (from 2.5 years ago .. lol)

    NOTE: In fairness NP most certainly does and cool new things .. but I'm just saying .. that in this specific case .. if you're truly SERIOUSLY looking to implement something in the next few weeks, then let us know so we can get off your case and/or offer specific suggestions .. but otherwise, maybe take some of the shorter term suggestions until you actually have the time to be serious about making a better system!

    It seems that at the very least there's a broad support for:

    1- Removing post counts from replies in the auctions/sales forums.

    2- Removing the ability to "like" posts that are BOTH (1) super short *AND* (2) in off-topic forums

    Those would be pretty much common sense basics I think a majority of members could agree upon until you figured out how much further you'd like to go and/or implement the new system you were hinting about above.

    Because in the end even posts in on-topic forums get likes that shouldn't really count towards "authority"/"credibilty"/etc. "Your reg of the day" is a good example of that. In that thread some people post the reasons why they bought a domain which 100% is VERY helpful to others. While others only post the domain name without any other info .. in those later cases people use "like" to mean they like the domain .. but when it comes to forum posts, people should be liking the information/effort the poster makes.

    But while it is not the way things should be done .. I do understand how some might do it that way .. and also that it would be hard to change (well .. not too hard if you set a minimum number of characters before a post is likeable).

    So in the end I certainly do concede it's not that simple .. but on the other side .. nobody is asking for perfect .. and there most certainly are things proposed above that can make likes/posts stats more "accurately" tuned to their actual intended (and most beneficial) purposes.

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