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Hello all,

I recently picked up a domain at auction that was tied to a still running business. Some of the employees are still using email addresses associated with this domain for things such as Apple accounts and other business accounts. These emails contain things such as receipts for icloud, apps, and even McDonald’s orders; so these people are obviously still active.

I set up a catch-all email for every domain I buy to see what kind of activity it is generating. And seeing these emails come in with personal and possibly confidential information is sort of putting me in a gray area. Is there a professional way to go about informing these people to change their email addresses? Or should I just let it be and delete any and all incoming emails.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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well, yeah let them know the risks of eating too much fast food. :ROFL:

serious I would just move on and not look at any emails going forward. If you email them and something happens to one of their accounts, you will be the suspect.
You are the respective owner of the new domain, but not have any corelation with the activity of the former owner. So why you bother to involve in their emails. How if the domain was used to be an online address of criminal activities. I always put my self as the new owner , and do not want to know what the last owner business. So if later it is proofed that the domain was used for ilegal activities, it will be proofed that I have no corelation at all with former owner business. I don't know anything about the former owner.


Sounds like free cheeseburgers. Just don't catch all and create [email protected] and the norm.


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Maybe they didn't noticed that company closed
as they are working remotely from McDonald’s =)

You may look for them at linkedin or so, and offer them a whole domain name ( not just piece of it, email account).
p.s. how to find such domain, if it's not a secret, thanks
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