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Can somebody just make this a bit more clear for me or correct me if i'm wrong

If I were to register '' (example), this domain would cost me an additional fee on top of the registration fee because it is a premium domain?

Is this so that one person can't reg all the premium domains when a new tld comes out without burning a hole in his pocket?

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Not an additional fee on top of the reg fee. A premium priced domain is a domain that the registry has decided to charge more for. Some premium domains are a one time premium fee. Some domains are premium price every year.
It really depends what "premium" you're talking about?

If it's then it's likely an aftermarket "Premium" .. meaning it's on sale at GoDaddy auctions (or Afternic).

Even if it's expired, if it used to have "Premium" status them that tag remains. If that's the case, then yes .. if you buy it at GoDaddy auctions (aftermarket) then you need to pay both the price and a year's renewal.

But as @Silentptnr stated .. if it's a new nTLD "Premium" domain being registered for the first time .. then you pay the price listed. Definitely be careful to inform yourself on the renewal price .. as it can sometimes be the base price for the TLD .. or equally possible a "premium" renewal price that can go into the thousands of dollars per year.

Obviously as nTLD's get older and people list them on aftermarkets you can have domains that fit both "Premium" definitions. ;)

"" would be a premium domain, because of it's quality and being in the .com extension, gives automatic recognition and validity

on the other hand...."", at the registrar, might have a "premium registration cost", and for each year of renewal, that cost/fee may or may not be the same.

as recently seen, some gtld's renewal prices have increased

however, just because a registrar sets the "registration cost" at premium pricing....doesn't make it a "premium domain name"

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