Polls at Namepros and TheDomains don’t seem like most want to pay for a Virtual Conference

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    Last week we asked will you attend a Virtual NamesCon and over the last week the response has been slanted to the no side. 70% of readers said no and 30% went with yes. Now to be fair there were not hundreds of votes. On Namepros a poll asked about any virtual conference and the no's have it by an 88% to %12 margin. Some of the feedback there was interesting even from long time … [Read more...]
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    It will definitely be interesting to see how NamesCon360 and TheDomainShow do in terms of participants. Like many things, the idea of paying for virtual experiences may take a while to take hold.

    I see many advantages, cost, safety and convenience, in virtual experiences. Partly as a consequence of taking part in the Friday domain social hours, I have come to see that the interaction can be almost as good online as in face conference discussions.

    Thanks for the post, @equity78. It is an important topic.

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    I wouldnt bother going to a virtual domain name conference or an actual physical domain name conference

    The majority of information on domain names is based on a

    .com is everything mindset

    Which is a defunct out of date mindset as gtlds are significantly better than .com if a companiys industry or service sector is a gtld

    Although i buy domain names including two keyword .coms
    Gtlds and cctlds etc the domain name industry is heading for a crash because faulty trademark infringed domains are being sold by registrars which they should not be and the industry bames the registrant for buying a trademark infringed domain not the registrar that sold the domain name without doing the neccesary trademark checks

    All domain names should be trademark checked before being listed for sale by a domain registrar

    There is so much incompetence selling faulty goods and registrars ciukd care less and domain buyers being stung for registrars incompetence

    I swing trade options on the stockmarket as well as being a donain name investor and the difference between the two is so vast

    Eg a can buy shares in a stock and make a profit within 2 minutes sold the shares

    If a person wants to sell a domain lol expensive commission prices fussy brokers out of date opionions lots of excuses as to why there names are good and other people are choosing rubbish domaines etc not enough brokers in the industry lots of domain name investors sitting on portfolios theyll never be able to sell this decade or next no liquidity in the industry because the digital infrastructure of the domain name industry is not even half completed the domain name industy is all over the place

    These are just a few of the reasons why i would never pay money to go to a domain name conference neither would i go even if it was free

    Thankfully thr stockmarket exists
  4. NameDeck

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    Nice to see they redirect to!

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