Need help on expired domain please

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    Hi guys:
    I'm thinking of buying an expired domain with good backlink profile (let's say My only concern is that for a couple of years, the original owner used it to redirect it to her new site (say via 301 redirect.

    Now that she has let expire, in Google's eyes, do the backlinks it has under its belt pass juice to itself, or still to the new domain, even though the 301 redirect is now gone?

    Thanks for any insight!
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    You hardly get any advice here, this is a forum for name value domains, while you need a forum for SEO value domains.

    Generally, if the backlinks are there then they are there. So the linkjuice is there and you are good to use this domain. However some SEO have a different view on this, they think once the domain had been redirected then the linkjuice had left the donor site forever. Which in my eyes makes no sense; however this pow is also legit as we have no way to really know G algos.

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