question 301 Expired Domain Redirect to pass the link juice?

hi guys
recently i bought an expired domain which is worth $3k, and i got that domain for 301 redirects, so i already redirected my expired domain to my money site now my question is

1: added domain in cpanel and redirected from htaccess to my money site
2: also, i added an expired domain in the google search console and use the option to ask google about a Change of address to select my expired domain to my money site
3: domain is already indexed in google
4: Til now 2 weeks gone, and still non of any links yet. Pass the link juice

Now my question is, how long does it take to transfer the link juice almost 2 weeks gone

What other steps i need to do to make it fast to transfer the link juice domain is good authority like da 48 and spam score is 7%
backlinks profile is very strong
or any other method i need to follow to make it transfer the link juice, kindly suggest to me thanks.
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I'm not going to claim to know a lot about trying to transfer "link juice", but I know about moving from one domain to another though.

Google decides what they index based on the content and whether people find it useful or not. I would think that one could not just forward an existing domain to any old crap and expect it to be indexed at all quite frankly.

The 301 redirects, are they directing to the same content that was there before that Google deemed was worthy of being indexed?

As I mentioned I don't know about the usecase specifically, but I own a very active website and content gets indexed and unindexed all the time at Google's will. They decide what's useful and what's not based on their own metrics, not just whether the domain used to have decent content on it or not and as far as I'm aware moving an existing good website to a new domain is dangerous enough if you don't do it properly, nevermind when the content is no longer there to back it up.
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You have no clue what you are doing and yet you purchased a site for 3K to 301 to your site.

I am not going to give you coaching but you just can't redirect the whole domain and expect to "pass link juice".

Also go and ask in a relevant forum if you want detailed answer.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, but mind you, 301 redirect is neither easy nor a Magic pill. Just because some people got lucky doesn't mean there aren't 100 others who couldn't get it work. I have been doing it for many years and I still don't get it right 100% of the time.

So here goes

You don't redirect a Site.

You redirect a Page.

Unless the two sites are super super super similar, you do not redirect Homepage to Homepage. Sometimes it works, but sometimes people win lotto also.

Since you seem like you have no clue what you are doing, i will not go there.

You redirect the home page to an Acquisition page and let the Acquisition page absorb the link. You then internal link out out to a few pages to spread the link juice as you call it.

And then you do a page by page redirect from pages that has good links

The rest of the pages also I just dump to the Acquisition page but many of my peers just leave them alone.

Recreate the page on your site and redirect from the source domain. And then use that page for internal linking.

Always remember.

You don't redirect a site. You redirect a page.
Just like you don't rank a site. You rank a page.

I would have just used that 3000 to get some good content created that can be used in your outreach if you are just going to redirect the whole thing.

You gotta to be careful with this as this is starting to get a of attention with everybody openly talking, opening selling names, Openly discussing about backlink domains and what not..

This used to be a very quite affair.