Namepros should stop making the appraisal section visible on search engines

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    I requested an appraisal the other time, and now I regret it, I didn't get good appraisals but that's not the problem, now it's all visible on Google's first page. Namepros should stop making appraisals visible on search engines because that harms future sells. I will never ask for an appraisal here anymore, thank you to the people giving appraisals, but namepros should fix this problem. Thanks.

    I didn't read @johnn newbies advice until it was late.

    EDIT: this belongs in but I can't delete it, sorry. maybe namepros should also add a delete button to posts :)
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    As long as you currently own the domain name, then we can space out the domain name for you.[4] This resolves all practical concerns of a future sale being potentially harmed.

    That said, a private appraisal option may still be of interest to members.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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