information Top Topics: Epik login disabled; GoDaddy appraisal tool changes; XYZ domains demystified; 5% deposit for .AI auction bids; Afternic glitch or greed?

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The login page is deleted or disabled; GoDaddy is monetizing their appraisal tool; What's the worth of .XYZ domains? The .AI Registry now requires a 5% deposit to bid; Is GoDaddy adding 5% more to its Afternic commission? login page/link deleted or disabled
Users of Epik have complained that the login page is not accessible. We verified that the link does not work so is it business as usual at Epik? Find out what most domain investors advise in this case.

Topic by @Buyitnow

GoDaddy Monetizing their Domain Appraisal Tool
It's rude awakening for users of the GoDaddy Appraisal Tool; there will be no more than 3 free appraisals per day, unless one subscribes to one of several pre-paid memberships that require annual payment. Has GoDaddy gone greedy? Share your opinion by joining this thread.

Topic by @DomainRecap

.XYZ worth - Any suggestions?
Once in a while, domain investors fresh in the game will wonder what's the allure of .XYZ domains. Do they hold value? Are they popular? Are there any large sales? The answer is "yes" to all but with caveats. Read on as a refresher course about .XYZ domains.

Topic by @kguy

.Ai going to require a 5% deposit
The operators of the .AI Registry are concerned about their cash cow as several auctions end up without payment. The solution: Enforce a 5% deposit prior to bidding. Would this resolve the issue? Find out what others think about it.

Topic by @equity78

Is GoDaddy adding 5% on top of its Afternic 15% commission?
A domain investor is seeing a discrepancy between their Afternic listing price and the price GoDaddy is displaying; the latter is inflated by at least 5%. Others dispute that this is happening, claiming that it's a glitch. If it's real, has GoDaddy decided to play the game on multiple boards, marking up these listings on

Topic by @korganian

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It looks like they fixed it. The login was linked to
Unfixed for me:


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