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At NamePros, you and your content are part of a community. The threads that you create, your replies to threads, and your interactions with others can be thought of as a community resource where other members contribute alongside you with their thoughts, experiences, opinions, advice, etc. Although you're solely responsible for your content and contributions, it sometimes makes sense to think of them as belonging to more than just you: we can think of them as belonging to the community. This is one of the many reasons that we rarely remove content unless it is in the best interest of the community (e.g., the community agrees it should be removed or it violates our community standards and rules).


We may close or remove content when there is a rule violation present. However, members are able to edit certain information themselves and use the edit feature to modify (e.g., remove) information from their own content within the edit time limits, which will update related search results once search engines notice the change and refresh their results. Members can also close their own threads in certain sections. If members are unable to use the close or edit feature, then they may be able to reply to the content with corrections or any other updates that they want to provide.

With sales listings and appraisal requests (“threads”), members can usually open, modify, and close them at anytime on their own, but keep in mind that a thread must be open in order to edit any part of it (e.g., tags and posts): Learn more.

The problem with deleted content is that it can cause several unintended consequences:
  • Poor user experience when it's impossible to find content that previously existed

  • Misrepresentation of what was being discussed

  • Ruin the flow of a discussion with pieces of the topic missing

  • Discourage members from contributing and investing their time to post

  • Confusion among readers trying to understand a fragmented discussion

  • SEO degradation due to pages disappearing

  • An abundance of website errors (e.g., 404 - Page Not Found)

  • And many other reasons

There are also non-obvious issues that complicate deletion of content. While this policy may be a minor inconvenience in some cases, it mitigates a variety of potentially serious issues, promotes transparency and accountability, and offers vital protections to members in certain situations.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

Solutions to consider​

Here is a list of options that may be helpful:
  1. For information on your NamePros account, you can edit, remove, or privatize it at any time.

  2. If the content is violating a rule, then please report it to us along with the rule that it is violating.

  3. If you want to create a new appraisal request or list another domain name for sale, then you can either upgrade your account or close one of your active requests/listings.

  4. If you want to mask ("space out") a domain name from showing up in search results when the exact domain name is searched, then you may report the post to see if a moderator is able to add spaces to it, e.g., becomes e x a m p l e . c o m, which prevents searches for "" from matching.

    Generally, this option is only available in showcase threads, appraisal requests, and marketplace listings.

    Note: If you want to "space out" a domain name in someone else's post, then you must first prove ownership of the domain name. Then, once ownership is satisfactorily proven, a moderator will determine whether your request can be granted.

  5. If you would like more privacy for the content that you post, you might consider using the sections in our Insiders Club, which are only accessible by certain members and not indexed by search engines.

  6. Additionally, you may request to change your username (free) from your real name to an alias.

  7. If you want to start fresh with a new NamePros account for any reason (e.g., privacy), then you may create a new account and upgrade all-but-one of your accounts to a Gold Account.

    Note: Members are allowed one free account (or one upgraded Blue Account) and an and an unlimited number of Gold accounts as long as all accounts are in good standing.

  8. Authors of blog posts can remove comments from their articles; you may contact the author of an article with removal requests.

  9. We also have a help page with additional solutions, and we encourage you to read and consider them.

We hope this information is helpful.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.
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