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I am about to develop a new app,
which is about image/video sharing...

with a little twist (its different).

Now, I am searching for a great app name.
And telling it as it is, a name with the ending -gram would look best for my app!

I know that its said that instagram does not like other apps with insta or gram in their names,
but how far can that go??

Gram is not the invetion of instagram.

What do you say.
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The roots of gram are long and deep so some case could probably be made for it being a free-range term.

That said, why you would intentionally go up against a 20-ton gorilla is beyond me. We don't have a lot of context here, but if you're worried enough to ask before you start then the worry is likely warranted.

Unless you love lawyers and an uphill marketing strategy, think twice.

You said your product is different. The name should be too. Draw out a name from your unique selling position.

What does your thing do? Make it easy to understand. Make it easy on your customers, and your legal team.

Best wishes!
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