Google I/O Livestream on .App - Introducing .app domain names

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    Introducing .app domain names (and how to secure them)

    The .app live stream is from 2:17:08 to 2:55:45 and talks about the .app domain extension, browsers, free SSL certificates, Google Registry, HTTPS, HSTS, and whatnot.


    What is .app?
    .app is a more secure domain for apps. From games to news to education, .app is the perfect home for your app.

    Be more secure.
    Your security is our priority. The .app top-level domain is included on the HSTS preload list, making HTTPS required on all connections to .app websites — no individual HSTS registration or configuration required. The result is built-in web security for you and your users.

    Get a memorable domain.
    The name says it all. Find a brand new .app name to match your company or product, so you can market your apps with a unique and relevant URL.

    Get discovered.
    You’re proud of all the work you put into your app. Now, with a unique domain, it’ll be easier for people to find your app.

    Disclosure: I do not own any .app domains today but tomorrow is a new day.
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    0 to know so much keen insights on this specific topic. Thanks for sharing.

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