Inbound domainers started with outbound?

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  1. abstractdomainer

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    For full-time inbound domainers, did you start with outbound and then later acquired names that sold by themselves, or did you actually start with inbound in mind?

    Because creating a portfolio that sells by itself takes both, a lot of time and a lot of money investment (of course, the skills too).

    Did you actually start with a lot of money (say $5,000 or more) and say, 2-5 years time-frame in mind, before you actually got a decent return?
    Because being an inbound domainer from the beginning seems too good to be true!

    So, what's your story?
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  2. abstractdomainer

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    Any thoughts on this?
  3. FolioTeam

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    Never "outbounded" in my life. Not even when I registered those crappy 50 names my first day of domaining. Luckily, my first sale then was an inbound sale so I guess that pretty much cemented my stance on inbound vs outbound.

    Thought about it once but never took a bite. Never got the outbound fever. The way I saw it, it just wasn't worth the effort I see people put into it. And apparently, you need to have a lot of time on your hands to make something meaningful out of outbounding.

    I buy. I wait. I sell maybe 3-5 names (out of a portfolio of 170/180) a year. That suits me better.

    I just don't want to put all that energy for low to mid xxx names.
  4. Jurgen Wolf

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    Inbound from the beginning.
    Tried email outbound in the past with almost zero results and stopped this practice.
    Nowadays I very rarely send emails and only regarding EMDs.

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