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    Every now and then when I visit some websites they have these Content Advertising Banners that looks like they are part of the website's content with headlines like "The 30 Best Photos of Celebrities being Naughty" and other BS like that. When I clicked on it out of curiosity and boredom I end up on a website like

    It's typically linked directly to the article on that website. What I find interesting is the content specifically the Photos. Since most of these photos show celebrities doing naughty things I wonder are they allowed to use that content? or do they have to pay a royalty fee?

    I also noticed that underneath the photo they do site the source of the photo and provide a link to the source. Does that mean they are allowed to use the photo? without having to notify the original source or the Celebrity?

    The reason I am asking this question is simple. such sites that get traffic from say Torrent sites I bet get a ton of traffic for cheap.

    when the traffic ends up on the article page the entire page is like a minefield of ads that you can't tell if they are part of the article or website or are just ads.

    Few other questions come up too like:

    1. how much would such a website cost to maintain?
    2. can one do it themselves?
    3. is there a script or software or even better a website that provides such content that autogenerates such content?
    3. I'm not creative so are there services who provide such content for such sites and come up with interesting articles that can be shown on sites like Torrent sites.
    4. Do content AD companies provide templates that you can use to create such websites like
    5. After the cost of creating such a site when does it become profitable? and how much monthly income COULD it make? ball park it.
    I really like this concept to create value for my domains. especially if you plan to sell on Flippa. since most sales on Flippa are Websites anyway.

    But since Boreburn's traffic essentially comes from Torrent sites does that mean the traffic will be ranked as poor quality? and therefore might tarnish the value of my domains?

    I have so many questions because I really need to start monetizing my domains already pronto.

    Please help clarify this type of website Thanks.
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    ViralNova used clickbait like this to get their site moving, and apparently it has since sold for $10 million. Thus I would say you can make as much as you want if you know what to do. To learn more you might want to search for 'native advertising arbitrage'.

    That comes with a disclaimer that you should realistically expect to spend tens of thousands of dollars a week on advertising, if you want to earn tens of thousands of dollars a week. The secret is creating a profit margin between your advertising spend and on-site revenue. Either way don't go into this if you don't want to risk any money. This is not SEO or social marketing, this type of traffic generation costs money not time.
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    I can probably make a site look very similar to that. I am working on one right now that will auto generate content and auto update the content so minimal maintenance would be needed, C J ads or google ads would be either auto (google) or controlled by you so you don't have junk ads (C J). If a site has lots of content, it will get traffic, it will get ad revenue depending on the ads, how popular the site is etc. A site that gets up into the top 1,000,000 sites by traffic are getting at least 10k unique visitors a week. Startup cost to profit like any business say 18 months but web related that time can be shortened to a few months if done correctly. The cost would depend on how much information is being added and setting up the frame work for it all, some places say 200 per page however a site like the one you mentioned even though it has many pages it does not really seem to have too many, and MOST of those can be made from reusable structured content frames (templates) made to suit your needs, best way there imo is to go by the hour and maybe get involved with the developer so you get an idea for how it works. Or talk to someone who will give you a decent flat fee, (that could be lowered if you got involved too doing homework like for instance pictures some pictures you have to put in manually, and obviously the actual categories you would want. Hope this gives you some info or a decent description. Also developed domains make the real money :xf.wink: you have to spend it to make it and you don't have to pay for advertising at first if ever especially if it takes off!
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    Sorry guys just fact checked myself. The sale was actually reported at $100 million.

    I know the ViralNova and BoredBurn theme is from MyThemeShop so if you want to replicate the site that's a good starting point.

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