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advice Help about negotiating with a potential buyer



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I sent several messages to potential buyers of my domain and got a response from one. I included the price in the first email($275). He replied that he was interested in buying my domain name.

I answered him:

my domain is registered on NameSilo, I'll switch it to your GoDaddy account, and after you receive the domain you will make a payment via PayPal or Escrow.

He did not answer a few days, and today I sent him a message asking him if he might have a problem with my price. He replied this: I’d be willing to do $150 it.

I'm happy with $150 but I'm afraid the buyer will give up buying or trying to lower the price if I immediately agree to $150. I'm interested in what you would do in my place.

Thanks in advance :)


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If I where it you, I want let it go below first agreed price.

Tell him that you only sell domain for $275, if he serious about buying your domain he should bought it first place.

Also, he can scamm you as you are going to send him domain first, which is completely wrong. Park the domain at with $275 buy now price, let him know & all other things will be managed by Undeveloped team for only 9% of commission.


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I would not lower the price not sure why you did after he expressed interest in the first email with your original price.

It’s best not to act as though you are desperate to sell which makes them try to lower the price. Inbound or Outbound your original price was quite reasonable and no reason to lower it unless you need money badly.

People will treat you how you allow them to. Something to keep in mind.