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Here i would like to share all i know about 5l chips by now so we all can get batter idea on 5l chip investment.

First is first: there are 2 competitors on this niche buyer
2. chinese buyer

As we have seen with chips we panic sold our 4l chips too early and now chinese have the majority of domains. So as far as i am concern they wount let there portion out in the market any sooner.

With chips we had no clue what is happening but with 5l we can setup a stategy.

2nd: There are 3.2 million 5l chips on the earth

3rd: Almost 70% of them are registered and 30% left

4th: Just like domains has patterns that are more valuable then one another. Example:




You get the idea i would try to post the full list here.


AH Anhwei Hefei
BJ Peking Beijing
CQ Chungking Chongqing
FJ Fukien Fuzhou
GS Kansu Lanzhou
GD Kwangtung Guangzhou
GX Kwangsi Chuang Nanning
GZ Kweichow Guiyang
HI Hainan Haikou
HE Hopeh Shijiazhuang
HL Heilungkiang Harbin
HA Honan Zhengzhou
HB Hupeh Wuhan
HN Changsha
JS Kiangsu Nanjing
JX Kiangsi Nanchang
JL Kirin Changchun
LN Liaoning Shenyang
NM Inner Mongolia Hohhot
NX Ningsia Hui Yinchuan
QH Tsinghai Xining
SN Shensi Xian
SD Shantung Jinan
SH Shanghai
SX Shansi Taiyuan
SC Szechwan Chengdu
TJ Tientsin Tianjin
XJ Sinkiang Uighur Urumqi
XZ Tibet Lhasa
YN Yunnan Kunming
ZJ Chekiang Hangzhou

Where BJ and SH are the most popular

Chips end with W it very popular as well like you woun't find one to hand reg now.

Sales: Now lets come back to the mare part

4 same letters are selling for 350-600$
3 same letters are selling 15-20$
2 same letters are selling for 6-9$
City code domains @ starting selling for 50$-80$
Chips ends with W selling @ 60-80$

Where to sell:


Where to buy:


Helpful websites about 5l research:, etc

Fell free to ask me anything you want about chips i would love to share my thought. This post will be updated with new infos each week.

160 just sold $2m recently to Chinese buyer....but it has vowels u i a letters!
So Nubia is not a chip domain, but it sells well......

Can someone explain why non chip is so valuable now?
nubia is a brand of a mobile phone manufacturer, which until now has only been sold in China. The manufacturer owned, but not They wanted


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A simple prediction from me:

There are 160000 4l chips right?

Minimum sales price for 4l chips are 2000$ so 160k*2k = 320 million $
So the market @ reseller basis for 4l chips are 320 million$

Now lets talk about 5l chips

There are 3.2 million domains and you can hand reg one for 8$ even less if you know how to do so.
So the investment comes to 3.2m*8 = 256 million $ which is much less then 4l market by it self.

Now if we divide 4l chip price with 26 just because 5l has 1 letter more then 4l we get a minimum for [email protected] 76-77$

So the market becomes 2.4 billion$ @ relative pricing which in my view nothing as an investment to a few millionaire players on the board or maybe a billionaire ( which i am not sure of though )



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537 just sold $2m recently to Chinese buyer....but it has vowels u i a letters!
So Nubia is not a chip domain, but it sells well......

Can someone explain why non chip is so valuable now?
Many domains with vowels in them sell to the Chinese market, they would be considered 'pinyin' a translation from romanisation to Mandarin. They have been selling for years, way before this CHIP boom thing.
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