GoDaddy Registration Bug Warning

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This morning I registered five domain names at Godaddy in four separate orders. Several hours later I went into my Godaddy Domain Portfolio and saw that none of them were there. I checked my email and saw the confirmations for all of them. Very strange. And worrisome.

After a waste of time onn Chat with tech support, I called my Premier Services rep. He was out but I got another rep there to help me. It turns out the names were rejected because I had "default nameservers" in my Settings that Godaddy didn't like. There was no email telling me this had happened and that the names were not registered--only order confirmations. Had I not checked my portfolio, I would still think I have ownership of these names, and would continue to think so until I think in 48 hours from now when I'd get a refund email for them.

So what was the nameserver problem? Ha, this is funny. I sell on Afternic as many here do. For some names, I have to enter a "Afternic Ownership" nameserver to a name in order to let the Afternic system know that I am the new owner of a name (if the name was previously listed by the previous owner there). Previous to today, I'd been waiting until I am ready to list at Afternic, and then I would go into my portfolio and update the nameservers to have the Afternic Ownership Nameserver in NS3 (and the Dan Ownership nameserver in NS4 (which doesn't work, btw).

But yesterday, I thought I'd be smart and add those NS3 and NS4 nameservers into my Domain Defaults (which previously just had NS1.AFTERNIC.COM and, to save myself time. Well, it turns out that Godaddy doesn't like one or both of those NS3/NS4 Ownership Nameservers I set as defaults, and won't actually register a name if those nameservers are in the defaults. I don't know if it's both the Afternic and Dan Ownership nameserver it doesn't like, or maybe just the Dan one. But even if it's only the Dan one, Dan is owned by Godaddy and they should recognize the DAN nameserver. If they don't like their own ownership nameserver, that's pretty bad.

It sure would be helpful if when entering default nameservers, if Godaddy doesn't like a nameserver, to kick it out right then and there.

So, refunds for these names I "bought" will be coming, and I had to change my default namersevers, and then reorder the names, which thankfully were still available.
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