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    Rarely do I venture outside NP for my domaining news, and as far as participation, this forum is my one and only. You guys are all pretty cool; the varying amount of perspective, input and resource that is contributed here, daily, is invaluable to each and every other one of us, and I find that our differences, not to mention similarities, is what binds us together, the core of which is our passion for the domain name, with NP the vehicle which carries and mirrors that enthusiasm.

    Every so often throughout my NP travels I come across a statement made by a fellow domainer which stands out on its own, striking me as particularly humorous, bold, or spot-on with its message. Sometimes they can even be cause for reflection. I think these domaining quotes deserve a bit of a spotlight, lest they be lost in the annals of this great and endless domain hall we call NamePros, forever.

    So if you come across a post that has impacted you, please feel free to give it some recognition and give it a quote. Perhaps a bit of insight into why you felt it inspiring, as well as a link to the thread and a tag to the original poster, is also welcome.

    With no further ado..


    "Nothing wrong with leaving. Plenty of dying fish flopping around in the ntld threads who’ve convinced themselves they’re succeeding, so you’re already ahead of many"

    - @Harrington from Saying goodbye to domaining

    My all-time favorite quote, enjoyed this one on too many levels. Someone with his finger on the pulse. Could almost be read as classic anti-ntld grumblings, but the quote rings true in the context in which it was given. A big-picture view, and a solid, comical piece of advice by a valuable NP member.


    "I just get an eye twitch when I see some folks on here quoting the search result volume as a means of demonstrating their name's value."

    - @Joe Nichols from Cost was $19.95 to get a 100k counter-offer on Dispensary.Best

    Joe is a level-headed person, with sensible, well articulated posts. His contributions across multiple threads prove invaluable. Maybe this is why the thought of Joe's eye twitching is something just too hilarious to pass up, and not spotlight.


    "Gadzooks, 4 more great’s that flew under the radar. Run screaming for them, these ones are truly grand."

    - @Bannen from BANNEN'S best available's list!

    A long-time NP member, having a bit o' fun in his now defunct available domain names thread. Insightful, because looks like getting caught up in dead-end domaining trends is nothing new.. almost 15 years later we still manage to get sucked into the maelstrom. But ain't it grand ;)
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    "Be without fear in the face of renewal fees.
    Be brave and upright, that NamePros may love thee.
    Speak the truth always, even if it leads to no sale.
    Safeguard the noobs and do no wrong; that is your oath.
    And that is so you remember it.
    Rise a domainer... rise a domainer!"

    - @bobbarato from How to be a good domainer ?

    From another long-time member, this quote could easily become the NP anthem. Really enjoyed it, nice job.
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    "Can anyone tell me why this domain cost this amount"

    - @Domain digger from an LLLL auction thread (link not provided for obvious reasons)

    A new member, looking for a domain value explanation within the auction thread. Unbeknownst to him that it's against the rules, but I thought this simple question spoke volumes on domain pricing- could even merit its own thread.

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