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    That feeling when you have a few great closeout domains in your cart .. then decide to take a little break with the plan to return a little later to get your 5-pack $5 discount .. but then fall asleep!

    Then wake up hours later only to find out that someone else has grabbed them! DOH .. I need more sleep! :(

    This or something similar even happen to any of you?

    Feel free to share .. misery love company! lol
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  2. Rob Monster

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    Dropping domains are like trains. There is always another one. Sleep on the other hand keeps you from going crazy. Otherwise ....

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    lol .. I know .. but one of them was the 23 year old CheapLongDistance // .com .. that I could have had at closeout for $11 + renewal if I had just bothered to check out before closing my eyes! Double-DOH!

    Another one was .. Kaizen is a super hot business term .. but I can live with not catching a .cc .. it's missing CheapLongDistance that really bothers me .. in all honesty I forget what the other one was .. so I guess that one wasn't too bad to not get .. probably still available .. need to check my notes!

    Speaking of messed up sleep cycles .. I'm actually trying to post my shared lists before noon today .. for the first time in a few days! lol
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  4. platey

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    Buying domain names when tired

    I always make sure I am not logged in when browsing domain name auction website address listings

    That way when I doze off its impossible for me to click bid as I fall fast asleep lol
  5. HotKey

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    I tend to find a good nights sleep is better before going through with that purchase. Has prevented many a "buyer's regret". If the name isn't worth buying in the moment and you need to wait a few hours for a coupon, well, you ain't missin' much if it's gone! :)
  6. DomainRecap

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    It happened to me once, and never again.

    It was an aged, highest-valuation 5-letter .COM pronounceable/brandable that I had been watching very closely at auction, forgot to bid minimum, then it went to closeout, and since it hadn't sold, I started questioning if it was a good buy. I got real busy over the next few days and by the time I had gotten around to checking it, the domain had not even sold for $5 and expired. :xf.eek:

    At this point I'm wondering why it expired with no buyers, and I decide to wait for it to drop... and as the days go by I start realizing this is a pretty catchy name.. then gets it... and it goes to auction and sells for very high 3-figures.

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  7. manpreet

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    This has exactly happened so many times, mostly for the last minute bids, missing them on time.
  8. Bob Hawkes

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    A topic I like a lot - sleep! :xf.grin:

    I'd write more but I need a nap!


    PS I agree with @HotKey that sleep deprived purchases may lead to regret, and agree with @Rob Monster that there are always more choices in domains than we can acquire, so don't look back at missed opportunities.
  9. TCK

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    I've had this happen a number of times. But look at it in a positive way. You are good at seeing quality domains! There will be more opportunities where you will have the confidence to pull the trigger.

    How many times the opposite happens. You acquire a bunch of names and ask, why did I register/buy this name?
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  10. J Sokol

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    I first read this advice about a year ago here on NP and it's saved me a lot of money. Often the next day I will puzzle over why a name seemed like a good one.
  11. JB Lions

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    I've missed some because of arguing with people on the internet, haha. Or just forgetting to put a bid in.

    So for example. About twice a month I go 14 days ahead and look for names at Snap, Namejet etc using I also do it daily, with a much deeper search but the longer search is just to get an idea of some good names I could be interested in.

    I check them off, then put the names in a spreadsheet, sorted by date.

    The very first thing I do when I get to my computer each day is:

    Check domain auctions.

    So for today, I have 3 I'm interested in at Namejet. One already had multiple bids, so I already put in my $69 bid to get in the game. The other 2 currently have 0 bids. With that, I have an alarm on my phone that I have saved for 10:55 PM. So flip that on, so I never miss these type of auctions and bid at the very last moment, sometimes along with some others doing the same thing.

    So spreadsheets and alarms keep me from missing stuff.
  12. Fadi H

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    It happened with me a several times. I guess the last was Epic Learn / com.
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