discuss Experiences with registrars keeping (stealing) your money when a transfer does not go through?

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Real life scenario:

Customer orders and pays for a transfer of a domain (or multiple domains) from one registrar to another. The transfer does not go through for whatever reason (mine was because I asked the loosing registrar if me updating the REGISTRANT/DOMAIN OWNER details would lock the domain for transfers out for 60 day and they said: "NO, it wouldn't!" And then it got locked just the same). So the domain transfer never took place! I've waited and waited and there was no Email or any other notifications from the gaining registrar about the situation. NO refunds either!

What happened next:

I waited for 60 days and since I still haven't received any Emails about the matter and no refunds, I've gone on chat with the gaining registrar and they assured me they would simply restart the transfer. THEY DIDN'T! Couple more months have passed. I have once again gone on chat with the gaining registrar and they now said they will issue a refund!

Final thoughts:

If I never followed up on this, I would never get the refund = the gaining registrar would just keep my money (understand steal them really because they would be keeping money for service they did NOT deliver!). And while I understand it is the domain owner's responsibility to check that the transfer has indeed gone through, it is possible that someone would just miss that especially if they are working with multiple domains at the same time. This happened with (gaining registrar) but I have experienced the same many times with other registrars!

What are your thoughts on this? Surely, if you order a TV set for a pick-up in a store and your car broke down and you never pick it up - they wouldn't just keep your money?

Oh and says the following:

As of the moment, we do not have a system take in place yet to process the automatic refund but they are working on it.
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