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    When you call the 888 number, it doesn;t always go through. I've noticed this today, and on weekends.You dial, and no ring tone, nothing. Perhaps my phone?


    Looking in my emails, I see a California number for International Callers and a 888 number for US Customers. I called the California number, and confirmed with the CSR that the number I called was in fact the US number.


    Maybe it's just in that one email? Here's another one with the international number being 888, and US being a 415 (San Francisco area code)


    ...and again:


    Upon reaching them, I have never received such lack of oversight for transactions. I had to pry every bit of information out of the rep to ensure we found a resolution, rather than hanging up and assuming everything had been taken care of. Their reps have little access to any information, and don't have access to a supervisor. I will NEVER use for another transaction. And if that means I have to bite the bullet with higher fee's from GoDaddy, or another service like Payoneer or, than so be it.
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    @Mauli Fry @Jackson Elsegood - Thank you for being a NamePros member who helps bridge the gap between domainer and

    Can you please confirm on the phone number? Are US Customers supposed to call the 888 number, and International customers supposed to call a California Number?
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